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GRA Guyana Revenue Authority : Customs Declaration & Licence Transaction Checker

Organization : Guyana Revenue Authority
Type of Facility : Customs Declaration & Licence Transaction Checker
Country: Guyana

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Website :

Customs Declaration Checker:

GRA launches Online monitoring of Customs Declaration status

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The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has launched its online feature for the monitoring of Customs Declarations’ status by importers or their brokers. The web based feature was implemented on Monday December 17, 2012 and will now prevent importers from taking unnecessary trips to Customs House once they have internet access.

Commissioner-General of the GRA, Mr. Khurshid Sattaur noted that the feature will enable importers to better manage their time and to plan around the three-day maximum processing time, as persons can access the information from home, their laptops or smart phones. He said it will also enable them to respond quickly in instances where documents are queried or consignment is flagged for enforcement check.

1. Select the Regime
2. Select the year
3. Enter the Declaration Sequence, for example, C12345
4. Enter the TIN
5. Press the Search button.

If your Declaration was lodged more than 14 Days ago, please refer to the Kiosk System at GRA’s Headquarters on Camp Street, Georgetown.

Check Here :

Licence Transaction Checker:
TIN and Transaction Number are required.

Transaction Number is given at the time of Lodgement in the form of a lodgement slip.
1. Enter Your TIN
2. Enter the Last Digits of the Transaction Number
3. Click on the Search Button.

Please note that this system only display transactions for the last 20 days

Check Here :

New Administrative and Miscellaneous Customs Fees :
Customhouse Brokers and Agents are required to take note of the new fees. For additional information, please contact the Guyana Revenue Authority on telephone numbers 227-6060 or 227 -8222 extensions 1201 – 1204.

1 91 Permit to Ship Stores G$6,000
2 106 (5) (a) Fees payable for the clearance of ships exceeding 1000tons G$20,000
3 106 (5) (b) Fees payable for the clearance of ships exceeding 300 tons but not exceeding 1000 tons G$15,000
4 105 (5) (c) Fees payable for the clearance of ships not exceeding 300tons G$10,000
5 106 (6) Fees for clearance of coastal vessels G$2,000
6 144 (1) Fees for licence to trade coastwise

Fees for entering and clearing



7 144 (2) Administrative fees for processing Customs Forms C21, C25, C68 and C72 G$1,000
8 173 Applications for extra attendance or services of an officer outside of normal working hours G$4,000
9 174 (2) Fee to be paid for entering or clearing of a ship other than a ship engaged in coasting trade G$4,000
10 174 (3) Fees to be paid for the entering or clearing of a ship engaged in the coasting trade for each entrance or clearance G$4,000
11 174 (4) Fee to be paid for the granting of an application to load ships’ stores G$4,000
12 174 (5) Fee to be paid for the granting of a supplementary application extending the duration of a service or requiring the employment of additional officers of the Customs Excise & Trade Operations G$4,000
13 202 Customhouse Broker Licence G$15,000
14 204 C Application for a Customhouse Broker Licence G$5,000
15 208 Fee to be paid for a Customs Seal G$500

Have a Tax Query? :
Call Our Tax Hotline
227-6060 extensions: 1201-1204

Contact Address :
Office of the Commissioner- General :
Mr.Godfrey Statia
Commissioner – General
Guyana Revenue Authority
200-201 Camp Street
Bubble call chat comment communication phone : 512(592)227-6060 or 227-8222

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