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DGIP Machine Readable Passport Application Status Online Pakistan

Name of the Organization : Pakistan Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (
Type of Facility : Check Machine Readable Passport Application Status Online
Location : Islamabad
Country : Pakistan
Website :

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DGIP Passport Application Status

** Applicants can check the Status of Machine Readable Passport (MRP), processed within last 3 months.
** User Login must be created before availing the facility to track passport.

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** Every successful Logged-In User can track passport for only 3 Times-Per-Day.
** This passport tracking service is Free of Cost.
** Any person acquiring money for using this tracking service, must be reported & will be strictly dealt.

Procedure To Check Status Online

To view your passport status online, you have to login by entering the following details in the link given below

Login Details

1. Enter your User Name
2. Enter your Password
3. Click on Login Button

New User Registration

Any Queries regarding online tracking system will be entertained at opts AT

Go to the official website, Click on “Create User” button

Registration page will be opened.
1. Enter Your Login Name[JhonPaul]
2. Enter Your Password (Maximum 10 characters or digits)
3. Re-Enter Your Password
4. Enter Your Full Name [J.JohnPaul] (as per Passport)
5. Enter Your Father/Husband Name [Jeagn]
6. Select Your Gender[Male/Female]
7. Enter Your Contact No (with city code)
8. Enter Your CNIC/NICOP (only 13 Digits)
9. Enter Your E-mail Address
10. Click on Save button.

Process Flow In Pakistan & Foreign Missions Abroad

The applicant will go through the following stages at Regional Passport Office (RPO) for obtaining the Machine Readalbe Passport (MRP) :
Note : Before arrival at the Regional Passport Office (RPO), Original Bank Challan receipt must be acquired from the authorised branches of the National Bank in Pakistan & relevant bank branches for Foreign Missons respectively, by depositing an Prescribed Passport Fee.

** Arrival of Applicant at Customer Service Counter.
** Token Counter + Capturing of Photograph
** Biometric Data Capture. (Finger Prints)
** Data Entry.

** Verification as per Office Record. (ECL/BL)
** Interview and Decision by Assistant Director.
** Passport Delivery Time (Collection of Passport).

Step 1 – Arrival of Applicant at Customer Service Counter :
** The applicant will approach the customer service counter at Regional Passport Office.
** Applicant will be guided about the process flow of the System for applying the passport.

** In case the applicant has all the requisite documents he/she will be guided to the Token Counter.
** Separate passport will be issued to each and every applicant irrespective of age.


Step 2 – Token Counter + Capturing of Photograph :
** The applicant will produce the original CNIC/Smart-Card/NICOP or Children Registration Certificate (CRC), in case of below 18 years of age, along with its copies and Bank Chalan Form.

** The Camera operator will proceed with capturing of applicants photograph.
** Token will be issued to the applicant.

Step 3 – Biometric Data Capture (Finger Prints) :
** The applicant after obtaining token will approach the Biometric Counter as soon as his token appears at Biometric Capturing Counter.
** Data Entry Operator (DEO) at the Counter will capture his right thumb, right index finger, Left Thumb and Left index finger impressions.

Step 4 – Data Entry :
** The Applicant will move to the Data Entry Counters as soon as his token number appears on the Counter.
** The Data Entry Operator will enter all the required data of the Applicant while the data entry screen will also be visible to the Applicant.

** In case of any modification in data, the Applicant should guide by the Data Entry Operator accordingly. After the data entry is completed Data Entry Form will be printed by the operator and will be presented to the Applicant for verification.

** The Applicant will verify all its contents by signing the form.
** The applicant will be asked to collect duplicate token from the data entry counter.

NOTE : Any Change In The Data Should Be Pointed Out At This Stage. Once The Information Have Been Saved, For Any Modification The Token Will Have To Be Cancelled And The Applicant Will Have To Go Through The Whole Process Again. After Allowing “Go Ahead” The Data By The Assistant Director, No Change In The Data Will Be Possible.

Step 5 – Verification as per Office Record (ECL/BL) :
The verification against office record will be carried out.
** Verification against Exit Control List (ECL) and Black List (BL).

** In case of slightest doubt about the National Status of the applicant the case may be referred to Special Branch/IB for confirmation of his National Status as a citizen of Pakistan or otherwise.

Step 6 – Interview & Decision by Assistant Director :
** Finally the applicant will appear before Assistant Director when his token appears on AD counter along with all the original documents.
** The Assistant Director will interview the Applicant and declare his verdict to the applicant whether his case is to be allowed go-ahead or overruled.

** Assistant Director will defer the case of Applicant below 18 years of age and will handover the printed form to the applicant for attestation of his photograph from a Class 1 Govt. officer.

** The attester will have to write his/her CNIC/Contact No. along with the official stamp on the form.
** On production of data form (duly atteseted) the deferred Token will be allowed go-ahead.

For seeking any query/information kindly provide with your :
** Complete Name.
** Contact Number.
** CNIC.
** Contact Address.
** Token No. (11 digit)

Contact us at : opts AT

Call Now! Help Line 0800-34477

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  1. Token ID is 11101356477 and Date is 21/12/2018. Please tell me the status.

  2. Sarfraz Ahmed Siddiqi

    I submitted my application on September 19th, 2017 for renewal of MRP. I am in Louisiana, USA . My Token number is # 99991118088. Please let me know the status.

  3. Token Information is not available. Please contact Help-Line 0800-34477 or contact Regional Passport office. I submitted my renewal application online. When I track I have received above mention message. How can I get passport in Saudi Arabia with out tracking?

  4. It’s been 19 days and still waiting for my passport. Upon every visit, they ask me to come after 2 days. The Tracking System, on the other hand, is also annoying, including Online Tracking System, the only thing that goes successful is the account creation, when I hit “track my passport”, it says ‘an invalid token number or contact regional office’, that means you move in circle of disappointment.

  5. I forgot my username and password. How can I track my passport online as I try to make another account but I couldn’t?

  6. How many days are required after submitting your application/data etc,to check the status on tracking system?

  7. Whenever I try to register, it doesn’t create account by saying that email already get registered and when I try to login a message appears “wrong username/pw”. What should I do?
    I wanna know about if my passport is ready or not? plus message tracking didn’t work either.

  8. Token no..20101678669
    Kindly let me know about my son’s passport. Is it ready?
    Can I come today to collect & at what time?

  9. Don’t send message on 9988 and waste your money, because when you send message you will receive a reply to call their help line number or visit there website :/
    plus its not a free call either, so in simple just pray to God that you will receive world famous green passport in the meantime,
    I went to receive my passport today and the guy on window counter told me that the post has been sent to another city in which my passport had to come. So now I have to wait and we cant give your passport for next 3 days, other then that I have paid urgent fee and it mention 4 days , but now MashAllah the most loyal and hard worker our government workers are still not be able to give me my passport from last 10 days.

  10. I have applied for passport on 3-4-2015. I want to know that my passport is ready or not so that I can collect my passport. I need my passport because I am applying for hajj this year. Please provide my passport as soon as possible.

  11. I would like to know about my passport is renewed? (token number is 2010162124)

  12. I submitted my passport on 11th March but still in process. When will I get my passport?

  13. I submit my passport token number 60301003722. How long time it need? How many days needed to collect my passport? I submitted 15 days back. Can I collect?

  14. Hi, I have sent an email to the email address: , but is bounced back saying

    “user is over quota”

    Please kindly advise, which email address should I send the email to.

  15. I am trying to create login but accuracy error. Can you help me for renewal passport from Jedda Saudi Arabia?

  16. They didn’t gave me any tracking number of 11 digit. On the back side of bank voucher there is only 6 digits. Why the hell they didn’t gave me full number?

  17. ziarat khan. Token No. 12901290382

    Have You Prepare My Passport ?
    Token Number. 12901290382.

  18. Zubair Hussain Shah

    Please show me status of my renewed passpot.
    Token Number 20101592815

  19. I am facing some trouble to create an id. Can some one please tell me the status of my passport?
    Token no is 10311863490


  21. I don’t have any 11 digit tracking number on my bank voucher. The person at the passport office wrote only 6 digit number behind my bank voucher. Thats it. How will I track my passport status now? It was an urgent application

  22. What is this website? If you forgot ID/password you can not retrieve it.

  23. Token Number 10341652481 Passport status please
    Token Number 10331699483 Passport status please

  24. 11801815133 Shakeel ahmad passport status
    11801815132 Nagina Nargis passport status

  25. Have you prepare my passport? token number 11601414986

  26. Check whether my passport token no 20201483015 is reedy?

  27. My passport token 60401006176
    My passport ready?

  28. umar farooq mustaq ahmad

    My passport token number 20201466687
    Check my passport is ready?

  29. I created user name and password but when I enter my token number. They said no information available..?

  30. My id is 34403-8734568-3
    My token no 60101078673. My passport ready?

  31. Passport update token number 20101532479

  32. I have forgotten my password. How can I get login now..?

  33. yasmeenabdulrehman

    Is my passport ready or still be in process?

  34. What is the status of my passport?

  35. My id is 34602-7356190-9. My token id is 71201015684
    Whether my passport is ready?

  36. muhammad asif butt

    I entered correct user name and password but I cant login. Please tell me the solution.

  37. MY ID IS 12101518292

  38. How can I get online token for MRP renewal at Riyadh office, KSA.
    I registered user name and password done but when I open file, it is not opening.

    1. User Login must be created before availing the facility to track passport.

  39. 20101502674

    1. Also you need your password to track the status.

  40. Muhammad farooq

    1. Please enter your user name and password in the above link to track the status of your passport.

  41. Mohammad Arshad

    I don’t know how to find my passport information.
    How do you find information about passport?

    1. What information do you need?

  42. Token no 11411501004
    Muhammad iftikhar

    1. You need user name and password to track the status of your passport.

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