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Name of the Organization : Ministry of Labour & Small & Micro Enterprise Development
Type of Facility : New Small Business Registration
Country : Trinidad & Tobago

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Website :

Online FairShare Registry of Small Businesses:

Welcome to The FairShare Programme! As you apply to join the online FairShare Registry of small businesses, please note that to successfully register, your business should be:

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1. Legally Registered in Trinidad and Tobago

2.Be a small or micro business having:
** a. Less than 25 employees
** b. Less than $1.5m in assets (excluding Land and Building)
** c. Less than $5m in annual revenue

Let’s get started! :

Registration Process:
Step 1: Complete The Application Form
The FairShare application form is available in several different ways to make it more accessible to you:
** The form may be filled out and submitted on this website
** You can download an e-copy of the form, type into it and email it to fairshare AT

You can download an e-copy, fill it out, print it and mail it to:
** The FairShare Unit
** Level 5, Duke Place
** #50-54 Duke Street
** Port of Spain

You can visit any one of the Ministry’s offices, NEDCO centres or TTConnect kiosks and pick up a hard-copy of the form, fill it out and submit it to any of these offices.

Step 2: Submit The Supporting Documentation
There are four main documents which should be submitted along with the application form:
** Copy of Identification
** Copy of Business Registration Certificate
** Resume of Owner(s) and/or key employees
** Three (3) Client Reference Letters

Applicants who registered online must also sign and submit section 5 of the Application Form, the Declaration of Truth.

These documents can be copied and mailed to the FairShare Unit (address above); or scanned and emailed to fairshare AT or uploaded onto the website.

The FairShare Unit will verify your information and if all the necessary criteria are met, you will be certified for two (2) years

Registration Required :
** Only registered users have access to the FairShare system. If you are already registered, click the button below to login. As a registered user, you can receive automated email alerts whenever an Opportunity that meets your specific business interest is published.

** To Login, please click here.
** To register as a Small Business, click here to register now.
** To register as a Government Ministry or State Agency, click here to register now.
** If you have registered, but lost your password click here

1. What is FairShare?
** FairShare is an avenue for qualifying micro and small enterprises (MSEs) and cooperatives to access public procurement Opportunities worth up to $1 Million.

The main components of the programme are :
** Online database of MSEs who have been certified by the FairShare Unit
** Listing of available procurement Opportunities under $1 million from Government Ministries and other Governmental entities
** A training programme for MSEs to build entrepreneurial and business skills

2. How would FairShare benefit me?
As a micro or small business owner, FairShare offers you :

Marketing :
** FairShare offers a free Opportunity for you to display your goods and services online to a wider client base – the Public Sector.

Information :
** FairShare will help you access information on different procurement Opportunities across the public sector, and submit quotes and proposals all in one location.

Training :
** Each MSE within FairShare will have access to training programmes to help build business and entrepreneurial skills for use in the local, regional and international context. Some aspects to be featured are marketing, preparation of proposals and finances.

3. Why was FairShare developed?
** FairShare was designed to help micro and small enterprises overcome limitations due to size, structure and available human/capital resources by increasing the accessibility of information on public sector procurement Opportunities via this online web-portal.

** This online web portal consists of a database to store information and facilitate the easy identification of possible matches for procurement Opportunities. It will also provide a centralized location for the advertisement of public sector procurement Opportunities with the objective of providing small businesses with the access.

4. Is there any funding attached to the FairShare Programme?
** FairShare does not facilitate a loan, grant or any other type of funding. If you are seeking financial assistance, we recommend visiting the nearest branch of the National

** Entrepreneurship Development Company Ltd (NEDCO) which is an agency of the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development that deals with loans specifically for micro and small businesses.

Contact Us:
The FairShare Unit:
Duke Place, Level 5
50-54 Duke Street
Port of Spain
Telephone: 299-0300 ext 2161, 2158, 2162, 2157


Enterprise Development Division:
International Waterfront Centre
Tower C, Level 6
1A Wrightson Road
Port of Spain
Telephone: 627 0756, 625 8478 ext 1517, 1553

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