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Name of the Organization : Ministry of Housing & Urban Development
Type of Facility : Home Application Fulfillment System
Country : Trinidad & Tobago
Website :

What is Home Application Fulfillment System (HAFS)?

The Home Application Fulfillment System (HAFS) revolutionizes the way in which the Ministry of Housing, Land and Marine Affairs and its Agencies interact with the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. It allows citizens to register with the Ministry and apply online via the Internet, for a new house, rental accommodation, squatter regularization or home improvement loans.

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HAFS Facilitates

Facilitates of Home Application Fulfillment System (HAFS) Trinidad & Tobago

** Allows applicants to make changes to their application online.
** Allows applicants to view the status of their application online.
** A more efficient and effective system for processing Home Applications.
** Transparent and fair allocation of housing solutions based on Government approved Housing Allocation Policies.
** Allocation of alternative housing options (rental accommodation) to applicants who do not qualify for new home mortgages.
** Communication between the applicants and the Ministry’s Agencies through the use of messaging and email facilities via the Internet.
** Provides accurate statistics on the effective demand for housing in Trinidad and Tobago.
** Provides statistics on the types of units and preferred housing locations.

How To Register For HAFS?

To register for Home Application Fulfillment System (HAFS) Trinidad & Tobago, follow the below steps

In HAFS, an applicant can:
1. Register, that is, create an account with the Ministry of Housing.
2. Submit an Application for a housing solution (new home or rental accommodation).
3. Become a Co-Applicant of an existing application.
4. Make changes to their housing Application.
5. View the status of their application.

How To Apply For HAFS?

Applying online for any of the services provided by the MOH and its Agencies is exactly the same as completing a manual application form and submitting it for processing. The major difference with applying via the Internet is that the application form is submitted electronically and is immediately entered into the Ministry’s Housing Application Database System for processing.

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The services an applicant can apply for through the various Agencies are: new home mortgage, rental accommodation, home improvement loan and squatter reqularization. To apply for Home Application Fulfillment System (HAFS) Trinidad & Tobago, follow the below steps.

Applying for a service online involves the following simple steps:
1. Registering with the Ministry of Housing, Land and Marine Affairs. The registration process allows the applicant to create an account along with a username and password that allows them access to their individual account in the HAFS database. Creating an personal information by the applicant. Both the principal applicant and the co-applicant(s) are required to create individual accounts.

2. Updating Personal, Financial and Demographic information. After creating an account, the applicant completes entry of his/her personal, demographic and financial information. The financial information is critical as it is evaluated by HAFS to determine if an applicant(s) financially qualify for the service being requested. Both the principal and co-applicant(s) are required to enter their financial information.

3. Create and submit an application. After creating an account, the principal applicant must enter and submit an application (form) for the service being requested. During this step, the principal applicant indicates the service required by selecting the appropriate application type and the Agency providing the service. For example, if an applicant is applying for a new home, he/she will select, “New Home Mortgage” as the Service/Solution required and either “National Housing Authority” or “Sugar Industries Labour Welfare Committee” as the Agency providing the service.

The information required to complete an application is dependent on the service being requested. Thus, some application forms will take longer to complete as additional information must be entered. Upon submission, an application is assigned a unique Application Reference Number that will be used by the principal applicant to access the application. If the principal applicant is the only applicant, the application is completed and ready for processing by the relevant Agency. Otherwise, proceed to Step 4.

4. Becoming a Co-Applicant of an application requires the coapplicant attaching their account to an existing application. The principal applicant must provide the co-applicant with the Application Reference Number of the application to which they are to become a co-applicant. Once the co-applicant(s) have attached his/her account(s) to the application, the application is completed and ready for processing by the relevant Agency

Ministry Of Housing and Urban Development :
44-46 South Quay, Port of Spain
Phone: (868) 623-HOME (4663)
Fax: (868) 625-2793

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  2. I had applied over 25 years now a and still awaiting a call or some form of someone contacting me for a house , can some contact me and let my know what is going on with my application . I have my HAFS Application access card.2890-vtr-kdn

  3. I have my HAFS application access card, which has my reference number, username and password but yet still I am not able to access my status online.

    has the login worked for anyone?

  4. How can I get a password to log in ?

  5. What do you have to do to get a home at HFC?

  6. I have applied for this 11 years ago. How can I know about its status?

  7. I was interviewed in 2014 and subsequently posted to a T&T embassy for 4 years now that I am back at Head Quarters. Can I Please be advised of the status of my application. My Reference Number is 195960-DDF-HCL.

  8. After applying for some years, I am still in desperate need of a home and the more I visit HDC office in P.O.S for update as to what is going on, I am just being put in circles. Please I am pleading because my situation is serious where I currently live with my three young children, it is in a horrible condition and my rent is high. I pray that someone look into this matter and help out my situation. My reference number is 362263-clx-kkw. I will be awaiting a response thanks for your co-operation.

  9. I have my HAFS application access card, which has my reference number, username and password but yet still I am not able to access my status online.

  10. I have been waiting approximately 14 years now and I have seen many government come and go and I am still waiting. Should I re-apply? This Lottery System is not working. Whatever happened to “First come first Serve” that may have met criteria for application. I am using this platform now to get some results. My reference number is 86537-XIA-CGM.

  11. I am an applicant for the past thirty-one years (31) had been interviewed and is awaiting some kind of response for the longest while. Even though I have a HAFS Application Access Card it’s impossible to access my application form.

  12. Please let me know, how do I view my application status online?

  13. HDC Is a bunch of selfish people the housing minister is not nice all them doing is building house here and there an not giving it out DEM is cause of way these unscrupulous landlords are digging out people eye with they high rental cost but complaining about it cost HDC millions to refurbished these houses that have been there for decades since 2006 till now 2018 I still waiting and every time you in there is always a shit excuse DEM have to wait for management to give them the ok to give house it have enough for them to give out but no all them care about is that them living somewhere them don’t care who disable, if not you financial in order they not giving you nothing but when election around the corner that is when they play they know the public when coming to voting after time they don’t know you full of shit.

  14. I have my HAFS Application Access Card, which has my reference number username and password but yet still I am not able to access my status online. Please help.

    1. Login here “”. To view the status information for your application, click Application Maintenance & Status Info.

  15. Reference Number : 366704-ESG-LCV
    Any update (other than, “we received your application & you have to wait”) on my application will be

  16. Laverne Bridgette John

    I am trying to find out when I would be able to get my own home. Its years since I’ve applied with no response. I am renting a 2 bedroom board house with a family of five. My home was broken. Almost it is burn down because of loose wires from the mango tree in front of growing and pushing the wires. Its not safe but by the grace of God I do get by. My application Reference number is 227944-FKC-EXY.

  17. I have applied since 2005. My reference number is 113885-JPU-SQV. Till now I haven’t received any information. Please help me. Whom can I contact to know about this?

    1. Ministry Of Housing and Urban Development :
      44-46 South Quay, Port of Spain
      Phone: (868) 623-HOME (4663)

      Information as provided in the official website of Ministry of Housing & Urban Development

  18. My user ID is invalid. What can I do?

  19. My application no. is #130273-FPW-EPR. What is my application status?

  20. My application number is 130273. I applied for the Trinidad housing almost 20 years and yet not a courtesy response. I am a disabled person waiting patiently on a house and yet nothing. Please at least correspond with me and at least let me know how many more years or months I have to wait. It will be much appreciate on the outcome of the housing that I applied.

  21. How do you apply for registration?

  22. File No. 15973
    Sent No. 27-4-2003
    Since then I haven’t received any information on whether or not,I will be privileged to get a house. I’m a Single Parent with two children. The first child is a Down Syndrome and the other a student is at ASJA Girl’s College. Things are real tough with rent and trying to attain necessities and so far Adrian Rodney hasn’t called as yet,since
    1)Social Development
    Mr Glen Ramadarsingh and
    2)Mp for the area Caroni East Dr Tim Goopeesingh.
    I haven’t get any feedback since. Please take in to consideration by looking into this for me.Thank You,Adrian Rodney.

    1. I was recommended for emergency housing due to domestic abuse in 2013. I was interviewed at the Maloney branch of hdc within three months of the application. Representatives from the unit was sent to where I live and photographs was taken of same. The victim & support unit and the social worker DPT of the TTPS again sent as written communication to the HDC inquiring on my status and to date 2018 I received nothing. I cannot afford the cost of rent and at the moment I sleep on a chair at my in laws whom I must say is eagerly wishing to send me out of their home. Kindly look into my application as I am in desperate need of a shelter for my self and kids.

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