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Organization : Vodafone
Type of Facility : Top Up PrePay Mobile Number Online
Country: Fiji

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Website :

Top Up PrePay Mobile Number Online :

Now you can Top Up any Vodafone Fiji PrePay mobile number online 24/7 from anywhere around the world.

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Please note that only active Vodafone Fiji Prepay mobile numbers can be topped up using this website.

Top Up Here :

Vodafone Fiji:
Currently at Vodafone we have committed, passionate and energetic employees who have a lot of drive, and continue to walk the edge in providing Fiji with the very latest technologies. We are here to delight our customers and will do the utmost on all occasions to bring mobile solutions to life for everyone in Fiji.

Vodafone works closely with Vodafone Group to provide support and solutions that are tailored for every individual offering a seamless local and international experience bundled with an abundance of strong, growing services.

Is it possible to recharge/top-up unregistered user’s mobile number?
You can buy recharge for any Vodafone or Inkk prepay number using your M-PAiSA account whether they are registered or not for M-PAiSA service. There are no charges for using your M-PAiSA account balance to buy recharge/talktime.

Can I recharge if I am a Postpay customer?
Vodafone post pay customers registered on M-PAiSA can buy recharge for other Vodafone or Inkk prepay number but not their own or other postpay number.

Does my M-PAiSA Secret PIN number expire?
Your M-PAiSA Secret PIN number does not expire. However, you can change your Secret PIN at anytime you choose to do so; it is advisable that you change your Secret PIN from time to time and especially when you think someone else may already know your PIN.

What happens if I lose my SIM?
Call customer service helpline to have your account suspended. Proceed to get a SIM replacement through a Vodafone Retail Centre to retain your number and access your SIM & M-PAiSA account as normal. There is no risk of you losing your M-PAiSA account balance when you lose your SIM because access to the M-PAiSA account is PIN protected which is only known to the registered use

How safe is my money?
Once registered, your money is safe since every transaction requires identification in the form of a secret PIN. Even if you lose your phone, no one can take out the money from your M-PAiSA account without your secret PIN number.

How do I track the activity on my M-PAiSA account?
You can keep track of all your transactions directly from your phone. M-PAiSA allows you to check the last five (5) transactions through the mini-statement option under My Account menu. Beyond this, you can request for a full printout of your account from any Vodafone Retail Centre at a fee.

Where can I go for M-PAiSA service?
The M-PAiSA service shall be available from all Vodafone Retail Centres and authorized M-PAiSA agent outlets in all major towns, cities and localities Fiji wide. These may include service stations, supermarkets, banks, recharge dealers & other retail outlets near you. A full list of M-PAiSA agents is available on the Vodafone website.

Contact Us:
Vodafone Fiji Limited
168 Princess Road
Tamavua, Suva
Fiji Islands
Phone: (679) 331 2000
Fax: (679) 331 2007
Business Registration Number: 10658

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