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Organization : National Housing Trust
Type of Facility : Apply For Contributions Refund
Country: Jamaica

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NHT Apply For Contributions Refund

1. If you made contributions in 2007 and before that, and you have not yet claimed your contributions refund, you may apply as of January 1, 2014 provided that your name is not on the advisory list.

Update : National Housing Trust Jamaica Query Contributions Refund Application Status :

However, if you are a current NHT mortgagor who had received your loan directly from the NHT, you should not apply for your refunds. The amounts due will be automatically credited to your mortgage account. There are however a few exceptions.

Those who received mortgages through the Joint Finance Mortgage Programme (JFMP) or the Combined Mortgage Programme (CMP) may however, apply for their refunds.

Required Details

2. To apply, you will need:
** Your NIS Number
** Your TRN (Tax Registration Number)
** Your personal contact information (including email address)
** The registered names of the companies with which you have worked
** The years when you worked with those companies
** Valid ID (Driver’s Licence, Passport, Voter’s ID
** NIS number
** Some persons may have more than one NIS number. In such a case, ask the NIS office for a letter stating which of these numbers is the correct one. Then contact the NHT to ensure that this matches with NHT’s records before you apply.
** Company name
** Select your company’s name from the list of companies available on the application form. You may use only your company’s registered name. If your company has changed its name, search first using the registered name on your pay slip for the year the NHT deduction was made. If you cannot find it, search for the new name.

Identification and name change:
If you have changed your name since making contributions, you will need to provide proof of change of name to the NHT, before you apply.

3. Special refunds (for retired employees, Foreign Nationals permanently leaving Jamaica and invalidity pensioners)

You must also apply online. To complete your application, you must take the following documents to your NHT Branch:
** NIS number
** TRN
** Valid ID such as passport, driver’s licence or voter’s card and
** Verification letter from all your employers indicating the periods worked, the amount paid on your behalf and the company’s reference number.

Once you bring in these documents, you will be advised of the date to collect your refunds.

4. Reference numbers:
When you apply, you will receive a reference number. Please put this number in a safe place. You will need it to check on the status of your application and to collect your funds at a remittance agency (if you chose this method of collection).

5. Methods of payment:
Payment will be made only to commercial bank accounts held in Jamaica or through two remittance agencies contracted by the NHT.

6. To collect your refund at a bank, you will need:
** The name of your bank in Jamaica
** The branch location
** Your account number
** The type of account (savings or chequing)

7. To collect your refund at a remittance agency, you will need:
** A valid ID
** The reference number(s) given to you when you applied
** TRN

N.B. :
Refunds left uncollected at remittance agencies for a period exceeding 30 days will be returned to the NHT and you will be asked to re-apply.

Overseas Applicants

8. You may make arrangements with the local remittance agencies for the transfer of the funds from the local agency to your account overseas, at a cost to you.

9. If there is any difficulty in processing your claim, you will be notified via e-mail or telephone. However you may contact our Customer Care Department at:
Toll Free numbers:
(for local callers only)
(1-888)-CALL NHT

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  1. What year contribution refund being made currently?

  2. I need telephone number. I need to call from USA to Jamaica.

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      Toll Free numbers:
      Jamaica: 1-888-225-5648

  3. I’m desperately trying to text my company’s name but unsuccessful. I’m a police. Please help.

  4. I HAVE WORKED AT Cornwall Regional Hospital for 10 years. I migrated in 1994. I have never received any form of refund. Am I still entitled to my contribution refund? Can I apply that refund in procuring a house through the NHT?

  5. I came to that place and made my application twice. When I was to collect it, they said it was sent back to nht. This is very discouraging to me.

  6. This is my reference number L774201_A16448. I made an application on the 04/12/2017, I was told that I would receive a text message on or before 03rd May 2017. Till now I have not received that message please let me know what is happening.

  7. I Want to know about my refund. I applied from 8th of April the application number is G631498_m10562.

  8. Got a text last evening to say my contribution refund is ready at my financial institution of choice. Checked the ATM just now not seeing it. What is my next option please?

  9. This is my second time applying for a refund, however I received a text to say, that either my name or NIS number was incorrect. Kindly let me me know which is the case as I have applied for two separate refunds. My reference numbers are A 603898-F 22250 and A 603898-F 22260.

  10. What is the status of my refund that should submit on February 03,2017? My name is Sharon Gray and my reference number is W693782-J18338.

  11. I have made application for the year 08 from January 2016 and all I have heard from NHT is that the funds that was collected from the company. I was working was more than what NHT have on there system. From then I was told that they are going to rectify the problem how much longer do I of to wait.

  12. I have applied twice for my 2009 refunds and both times I am being told that the name on the application does not match record at the NHT. I am confused as to why this maybe so because I have applied for previous years and did not encounter this problem. My application number is k863843-f8142.

  13. My name is Oswald S.Robinson. I applied twice for my refunds and both times I was contacted by NHT only to be told that the bank refused to accept my deposit and that I would have to file again. When I check with NCB my account is up to date. Can someone explain to me why this is happening?

    1. Sometimes the name nht might be different from what the bank has. I mean a letter may be different or a middle name or something. I suggest you to check the spellings of your entire name at both institutions to make sure they are same.

  14. Yvonne Edwards-James

    I applied for the 2009 refund however I made an error with the year requesting for refund for 1999 instead and shortly afterwards submit an application for 2009. Reference number e618050-j27288 was given for 2009 application.
    Query made of status saying that a review is being done and I will be informed in 30 working days. I am a public sector worker who was granted the privilege to request the refund for the period 2014-2017 by the former Prime Minister in her budget speech.

  15. Andrea Samuels Chery

    I have applied for my NHT refund at the Lucea office and days later I got a text message saying my name doesn’t match account information. How can I get another account number? This is my reference number H783188D30964.

  16. I have applied for my refund for sometime earlier on for sometime in the early part of 2000 but I don’t remember what was the last year I got paid for. Can you tell please let me know and if I can apply for 2007-2009?

  17. I am living in Georgia. How can I buy a house through the Nht in Jamaica? Will I get a loan? I pay into the NHT many years ago. Please let me know if you have my record of my payment. Please tell me what I can do.

  18. I am a retiree who gave my benefit to a family member who has acquire a NHT home about five years ago. Would I be eligible to apply for a refund for 2009 seeing that I was contributing for that year? Just checking.

  19. Grace Lyttle Gordon

    As a teacher paid by the Ministry. I applied for the 2009 NHT refunds online. I gave accurate information only to receive a text to say I might have entered my name or NIS number wrong! How could this be when the information is correct?

  20. Theresa-Rose Brodber

    I understand that you have started paying out the refunds. I applied for 2009 and my reference number is K553895-5631. Let me know if the funds have been applied to my BNS account. If so, please advise.

  21. I just applied for a refund for 2009 for payments made by one employer. I had another employer that same year, but the computer system would not accept a second employer for the same year.

  22. I have been rejected on lines where I have to put in time claiming from to and company. Not sure what to put there as I tried more than one year and it wouldn’t work. Not sure of that section what can I do. Please instruct.

  23. I applied for my refunds in April 2014 however I was coming back overseas and I should have sent back a paper so the cheque could be sent to the remittance and I didn’t do that. I would like to know if I have to reapply. I will be in Jamaica next week.

  24. I have applied for my contributions refunds for the year 2007 and was told that the company I work with guardsman ltd has not paid over any money to the trust. I would like to know if I can apply again if that money is available now.

  25. I applied online in 2008. However when I went this morning I was told that the reference number is missing the letter. What can I do? This is what I have. K660377_744597
    I didn’t print it. So I may have oversight.

  26. I have applied for my NHT refund from January 22nd and was told that I would get a text or email by February 12th. Upto this point I haven’t received neither text nor email. My reference # is w833752-j30911.

    1. DATE RECEIVED: 22 Jan 2016
      Status: Completed: Processed with payment

  27. I have applied for my refund from Monday and up to today I haven’t got a message or an email saying that my application is being processed.

  28. I got a text stating that my bank info was incorrect, deposit could not be made. Now I have many accounts and I cant remember which one I had indicated that the deposit should be made to. I was told to re-apply. Can I see the account # that I submitted? Could the A/c be text to me?

  29. I have applied for my refund and i was given a date-8 Feb 2016, but nothing has happen since. My reference # is G522484-J25354.

    1. DATE RECEIVED: 18 Jan 2016
      Status: Incomplete- Application being processed

  30. I apply for my return in January and it gave me a date. When I would be in receive and also gave a reference #k820440-j5772. I have not got any refund up to date. Could you please assist with my queries being that I got a date and reference numbers.

    1. DATE RECEIVED: 05 Jan 2016
      Status: Submission Failure: Application details in-complete. Please re-apply

  31. Carlton Alphonso Needham.

    Checking status of contribution refund.
    Reference # : x672055 j41591.

    1. DATE RECEIVED: 29 Jan 2016
      Incomplete: Application being processed
      DATE | NOTE :


      21 Jan 2016


      Incomplete: Application being processed
      DATE | NOTE :

  33. DATE RECEIVED: 05 Jan 2016
    Status: Completed: Processed without payment
    DATE | NOTE :

  34. I’ve applied for my contribution refund from the early part of January and I’ve not received a respond thus far. My reference number is k800122 j19794. Can I get a feedback?

  35. Judith Smith-stampp

    I have applied for my NHT contributions refund and got a text to say I have been already benefited form the years applied for. Please provide me with additional explanation as I cannot see why I would have been paid for years that you were not paying out. My ref number that I got is G674637-J14186

    1. DATE RECEIVED: 10 Jan 2016
      Status: Incomplete: Application being processed

  36. Mary P Clarke nee Gibson

    I retired in 2011 and applied for contribution then but last year was told as I had refund there. I applied and received.
    How can I know if I have been refunded all my contribution having retired since 2011? I applied this year without knowing Having taken in all required documents last year. Are they still required this year?. That is if contribution is owing.



    1. Reference number not found.

      Please ensure you have entered the correct reference number and try again.

  38. I applied for my contribution refund and got message stating funds already paid. I was later informed that one of my mortgage accounts was in arrears so it was applied to it. My mortgage is salary deduction. So i want to know what is the policy on that. Why was it applied to my account when my mortgage payment to nht is out of my hands, especially knowing that salary deduction is late most times.

  39. I have applied for a refund. However,I received a message stating that my employment information may be incorrect. How do I rectify this issue?

  40. I applied for my refund but the system closed down before I could write down or print my reference number. How can I retrieve my reference number as I will need it to collect my money?

  41. I applied for my refund to be used as a deposit to buy a property but I was told that it would be better if I use my own funds which i did. Can I get it when I apply for my refund?

  42. I make an application for refunds for 2007 of January or February of this year. But I was told that my company that is guardsman ltd has not pay over any money to nht for that year. So I would like to know if they have paid over that money for that year so that I Can get my refunds.

    Thank you,
    Hopeton Cranston

  43. I have applied twice for refund and it keep coming back to me that my banking info is incorrect. I really do not know what to do.
    Should call? should I go into the office?

  44. I cannot find my Nis card
    Can I use my Trn number alone?

    1. NIS number :
      Some persons may have more than one NIS number. In such a case, ask the NIS office for a letter stating which of these numbers is the correct one. Then contact the NHT to ensure that this matches with NHT’s records before you apply.

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