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SpeedFood Register/ Sign Up Philippines :

Organisation : SpeedFood
Facility Name : Register/Sign Up
Country : Philippines
Website :

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How to Register at SpeedFood?

As food business need to be more empowered to reach a bigger market, and to provide for the on-demand needs of their consumers, we bring to you SpeedFood. We are an online multi-service platform, aiming to help businesses address different logistics gaps, by connecting you faster to your consumers. The newest on-demand delivery service to help businesses in delivering their products — faster and safer to their customers. Follow the below steps to Sign Up at SpeedFood Philippines portal.

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Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Fill the Online Application Form and
Step-3 : Click On Submit Button.

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How SpeedFood Works?

** Customer orders and pays (if online payment is offered and available at the site) at the Food Tenant’s website (if available).
** Tenant receives the order and places delivery booking via SpeedFood’s platform. Customer places order via phone call/ Facebook page of Tenant.
** Tenant receives the order and places delivery booking via SpeedFood’s platform.
** Tenant prepares customer’s order to be ready for pick-up at the restaurant, or to be dropped off at SpeedFood’s kiosk in Bldg. B counter.
** Rider picks up order from the counter/ restaurant.
** Rider delivers food order to customer, and accepts payment (COD). Rider will turn over all collections to the counter before 4pm.

Services Offered By SpeedFood

** Brand New Website with Online Ordering Platform
** Online Payment Gateway
** Transport Management Dashboard
** Delivery Management

Why Choose Us?
Your Food Business,
** can now cater to more customers (with easy booking process on your own website) by using our dedicated riders. This will help increase your revenue.
** can now offer multiple payment options to your customers, which we will be able to remit fast on your account.
** can now have your own customer data through the reports and analytics which can be taken from the platform.

About Airspeed :
Airspeed is an end-to-end logistics solutions and express courier company that has been in the industry for over 35 years. The Airspeed team are always committed to make it happen to serve its clients and stakeholders in providing their logistics needs. We help our business grow their businesses. We customize our services based on their logistics requirements.

We double down on making our services as easy to deal with as possible. We have the latest equipment and vehicles, the logistic experts, and the heart to make sure your delivery will go as smoothly as possible.

Friendly Staff:
We have made it to a point to make every interaction with our staff as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

Fast and Reliable Service:
Rest assured that your package will reach its destination quickly and in pristine condition.

Secured Delivery:
With trusted agents nationwide, you won’t have to worry about your packages losing its way.

Competitive Price:
We pride ourselves in making our services as possible to everyone.

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