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Fiji Immigration Status Search Application Online

Organisation : Fiji Immigration Department
Facility Name : Immigration Status Search
Applicable For : Foreigners
Country : Fiji
Website :

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How To Apply For Fiji Immigration Status Search?

Immigration Status Search can be done for the following:
** Travel Ban Search. To find out if you are eligible to travel to and from Fiji.
** Travel History Search. By doing this search you will get records of your travel to and from Fiji.

Related / Similar Facility : Fiji Prohibited Immigrant Status

** Citizenship Eligibility Search. Foreign passport holder intending to apply for Fiji Citizenship under the categories mentioned below must apply for a search request with the Department to calculate their lawful period of stay in Fiji prior to applying for Citizenship.

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Apply Here :

If the application is lodged by a third party, the applicant must provide a consent letter to the third party to receive such information on his/her behalf.

You Must Have:
** For Citizenship Eligibility Search
** Apply 3 months before your planned travel.
** Complete the prescribed Application for a Visitor Visa for Fiji.
** Submit photographs less than 6 months old (3), good quality color, full-face view of your head and shoulders, and taken against a plain or light-colored background.
** Submit proof of funds to sustain the duration of stay.
** Submit a copy of the confirmed return air ticket.
** Submit confirmation of accommodation.
** Submit translated certified copies of all non-English documents in English (registered translator).

In order to submit an application online, ensure of the following:
** Refer to checklists and Terms of Condition on immigration website for all required documents before uploading and submitting the form.
** ONLY PDF files can be uploaded.
** Select the application to lodge from the dropdown list in the form provided. If you are unsure on the type of permit to apply for, email the Department on fidpermits [AT]
** Fill out all required details and upload the documents listed in the checklists. If you require clarification on documents in the checklist, email the Department on fidpermits [AT]
** Ensure that all required documents from the relevant checklist are uploaded.
** Submit a valid email address and a phone contact for communication on your application.
** After submitting the application, please refer to email notification for Online Payment Details. You will be required to upload a copy of the bank payment receipt on link

Important Notice:
** All fees are to be paid at the application stage (Application and Issue fees)
** Any shortfall of fees will result in the cancellation of application.
** Use the correct reference ID (example “0670-12345”) for narration at time of payment.
** Ensure Terms and Conditions are signed and submitted with the applications.
** Please ensure that all required documents as per the checklist are submitted.
** Processing timelines apply from the date payment is confirmed.
** Each submission must be lodged individually, BATCH APPLICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
** Ensure “Declaration” at the end of this form is read and checked ().

Eligibility For Fiji Immigration Status Search

Application must be made by persons over 18 years of age.

For Citizenship Eligibility Search:
** Non- citizen may apply for search/calculation under the following categories only;
** Child of Fiji citizen over the age of 18 years-must have lawfully reside in Fiji 3 out of 5years;
** Spouse of a Fiji citizen (legally married) – must have lawfully reside in Fiji 3 out of 5years ; and
** Foreigners working and residing in Fiji under naturalization process – must have lawfully reside in Fiji for 5 out of 10 years.

Fee – FJD$12.30 (per person)

Documentary Requirements For Fiji Immigration Status Search

For Travel Ban Search and Travel History Search:
** Filled application search form.
** Copy of Birth Certificate/Passport Bio data page.
** Application fee – $12.30

For Citizenship Eligibility Search:
** Completed search application form
** Copy of current valid passport
** Copy of any previous passport used while in Fiji
** Copies of all previous permits stamp or exemption status
** Copy of birth certificate
** Copy of marriage certificate (for spouse application)

Application processing period: 10 working days
Notification of outcome: Through email or counter collection of search/calculation letter


For further inquiries, please contact: fidcitizenship [AT] / imm-citizenship [AT]

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