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MOSD Two Hours Request For Disabled Day Care Bahrain

Organisation : Ministry of Social Development (MOSD)
Facility Name : Two Hours Request For Disabled Day Care
Country : Bahrain
Website :

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How To Get Two Hours Request For Disabled Day Care?

Based on Law No. 59 of 2014 regarding the care, rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities, is granted a certificate issued on the competence of a medical committee a prepaid two hours of rest per day, their need for special care, two hours of rest per day, which are paid.

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The employer shall within three working days of receiving the application complete with the data and documents, send a letter attached to the application form to the general medical committees at the Ministry of Health to assess the state of disability, and issue a medical certificate stating whether the person with disability needs the special care or not.”

Download Application Form Here :

Conditions For MOSD Two Hours Request For Disabled Day Care

The employer undertakes to verify the following conditions:
** He/she must be a Bahraini national or born to a Bahraini mother having a permanent resident status in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
** He/she must be a first degree relative to the persons with disabilities, such as (father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, husband’s father and mother, wife’s father and mother).
** He/she is directly in charge of caring for a person with a disability and there is no other person to take care of him.
** He/she must submit a recent medical report issued by a government hospital with the approval of the consultant physician (no more than 6 months ago).
** The person with disability must not permanently reside in one of the residential homes or centers.
** Only one person benefits from the resolution, even if there is more than one person with disability in the same family.
** He/she must not combine the two hours of caring for persons with disabilities together with any other hours approved by laws and regulations in the Kingdom.
** The scheduled hours are not added up, carried forward, and are not compensated for in all cases

Documents Required For MOSD Two Hours Request For Disabled Day Care

** A copy of the smart card included with the disability ID and passport for people with disabilities.
** A copy of smart cards and passports for all individuals residing with persons with disabilities.
** Fill out the form to be submitted to the medical committees caring of the disabled.
** A recent medical report issued by a government hospital with the approval of the consultant physician (no more than 6 months ago).
** A copy of the birth certificate for persons with disabilities.
** A copy of the court’s ruling to take care of a person with disability (if any).
** The ruling applies only to persons with severe intellectual, physical or mental disabilities or severe autism according to the provisions of Article (1) of Resolution No. 80 of 2018, and Cabinet Resolution No. 14-2526 on the approval of the inclusion of severe autism as being part of the application of the Resolution 80 of 2018.
** A transfer letter from the employer including the information of the applicant and the disabled person whom he/she cares for and explaining it through an accurate e-mail address of the employer and the contact numbers for those concerned with human resources.
** The applicant signs a declaration of bearing responsibility for the data and documents submitted with the application.
** All applications must be sent electronically to the following e-mail address The documents must be in one file (in pdf format) and with the personal number of the person with disability.

Important Notes:
The date of completing all data, conditions and documents will be approved for the official submission of the application. After that, the legal period stipulated for deciding on the application will come into effect for each party according to its competence according to Resolution No. 80 of 2018.

The applicant is obligated to submit a renewal request for the decision to take advantage of the two hours of rest for the care of people with disabilities at least one month before the expiration date of the previous decision, with the same terms and conditions.


Social Rehabilitation Directorate
Call : 17102378 – 17103233- 17101862
Email : rehab.licenses [AT]

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