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MOSD Social Assistance Registration Bahrain

Organisation : Ministry of Social Development (MOSD)
Facility Name : Social Assistance Registration
Country : Bahrain
Website :

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What is Social Assistance?

The Social Assistance Department in the Ministry of Social Development is concerned with receiving social assistance requests represented by social security, financial support for people with low incomes (high cost premium), disability pension, compensation for housing fires and monetary compensation in exchange for lifting subsidies from meat; this is in the context of raising the living standard of the society groups, those who were guaranteed the right to the Constitution in order to enable them socially and economically.

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Social Assistance Directorate is seeking to provide its services electronically by filling out the application form and downloading the required documents without the auditors needing to visit the social centers, where it is possible to apply through contact with social assistance supervisors in the social centers below or on their behalf, by phone or e-mail, note that all required documents were identified on the site according to the required service.

Social Assistance Services

** Financial Support Service
** Disability Allowance Service
** Social Security Service
** Compensation Subsidies On Meat Service
** Compensation For Housing Fire Service

How To Apply For Social Services?

** Attending social service centers distributed in all governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain – Department of Social Assistance.
** Accompanying the necessary documents and papers (or)
** Send the documents via e-mail to the postal group of the Social Center – Department of Social Assistance.

Download Social Services Registration Form :

FAQ On Social Assistance Services

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Social Assistance Services

What is the social security service and who are the beneficiaries of this service?
A: According to Law No. (18) of 2006 regarding social security, it is the social assistance provided by the state to citizens, individuals and families, of the categories stipulated in this law, with the aim of helping them secure the minimum basic life requirements.

The beneficiaries are:
** Family
** The Son
** The widow
** The divorced
** Abandoned
** The prisoner’s family
** The girl is not married
** The orphan
** The inability to work
** The handicapped
** The elderly

Q: How much is the social security assistance?
A: According to Article (9) of Law No. (18) of 2006 regarding Social Security, the law specified 77 dinars for one individual, 132 dinars for a family of two, and 28 dinars for each family member whose number exceeds that.

Q: What are the conditions and eligibility criteria for social security service?
A: Basic conditions and criteria for registering any application:
** The applicant must be a Bahraini national.
** The applicant must be a permanent resident of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
** He/she should not have a capable relative who is obliged to spend on him/her.
** To prove, via electronic link, the marital status, and the total monthly income is less than the minimum approved basic life requirements.
** Those with commercial records and licenses and those with high incomes from real estate are excluded from benefiting from social security.
** A resident of a social or health care home is excluded from benefiting from social security according to the law, unless it is proved by social research that he may need this assistance in providing some of his necessities that those homes cannot provide.

Q. What are the documents required to apply for social security service?
** Fill in the social service application form (include undertaking and declaration).
** A copy of the valid identity card for all the residents of the dwelling.
** A copy of the bank document stamped for the applicant, including the international account number (IBAN).
** A copy of the electricity and water bill in order to obtain the amount of the Royal Honors for Electricity and Water.
** Ruling on custody and the amount of alimony for the category of divorced women with children.
** Court ruling proving desertion for the abandoned category.
** A death certificate for one or both parents, or a parental divorce certificate for the unmarried girl category.
** Parents’ divorce document, mother’s death certificate, or father’s marriage document to another for the child category.
** A statement from the Public Prosecution issued by the Ministry of Interior stating that the head of the family has been imprisoned for the category of the imprisoned family.
** A medical report proving the incapacity to work for the unemployed category.
** Father’s death certificate or the adoption ruling for the orphan category (the parents are unknown in the orphan ruling).
** A medical report approved by government hospitals proving disability for the handicapped category.
** A statement that the children of workers and those who have never been married have not spent all categories entitled to social security in accordance with the above-mentioned regulations.

Q. What is the financial support service (expensive allowance)?
A: It is direct government support for low-income people to contribute to alleviating the living burdens of citizens according to specific criteria.

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