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BCTA E-Zotin System Bhutan :

Organisation : Bhutan Construction and Transport Authority (BCTA)
Faility Name : E-Zotin System
Country : Bhutan
Website :

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What is BCTA E-Zotin System?

Ezotin is composure of online Services rendered by BCTA Secretariat.

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It has the following applications incorporated with it:
1. Contractor Registration and Performance System – for managing contractors,conultants,architects and specialized trade.
2. eTool – Online evaluation tool for procurement of civil works carried out by government procuring agencies.
3. CiNET(Construction Industry Information System) – Interface for corporates,NGOs and donor funded projects to update the work information.
4. Registration Services – Online registration services provided by the Secretariat for Contractors,Consultants,Architects and Specialized Trades.

How To Login To BCTA E-Zotin System?

To login to BCTA E-Zotin System, Follow the below steps

Step-1 : Go to the link given above
Step-2 : Enter the User Name
Step-3 : Enter the Password and
Step-4 : Click on Login button

FAQ On BCTA E-Zotin System

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On BCTA E-Zotin System

What is the BCTA E-Zotin System?
The BCTA E-Zotin System is a suite of online services provided by the Bhutan Construction & Transport Authority (BCTA) Secretariat. It streamlines various processes within the construction industry in Bhutan.

What applications are included in the E-Zotin System?
The E-Zotin System comprises several applications, including:
** Contractor Registration and Performance System: This allows contractors to register with BCTA and manage their performance data.
** eTool: This provides various tools and resources relevant to the construction industry.
** CiNET (Construction Industry Information System): This offers a centralized platform for construction industry data and information.
** Registration Services: This facilitates online registration for various construction-related activities.

Who can use the BCTA E-Zotin System?
The E-Zotin System is likely beneficial for various stakeholders in the Bhutanese construction industry, including:
** Contractors
** Consultants
** Government agencies
** Suppliers
** Anyone requiring information on construction projects and regulations in Bhutan

How do I access the BCTA E-Zotin System?
Unfortunately, since I cannot access external links, I cannot provide the direct URL for the E-Zotin System. However, you can likely find it on the BCTA website or by searching online for “Bhutan Construction & Transport Authority E-Zotin System”.

Broad Mandates of the Bhutan Construction and Transport Authority:
** Develop, review and update rules and regulations on matters concerning safety and public services of construction and surface transport sector;
** Regulate and enforce safety and professional standards in the construction and surface transport sector;
** Adopt guidelines and standard operating procedures relating to the safety of construction and surface transport sector;
** Regulation and safety management of public transportation system in the country;
** Improvement of service delivery and institutional coordination by strengthening institutional mechanisms;
** Undertake compliance auditing for safety and quality of construction and surface transport sector including spatial planning;
** Review and propose fees, charges and fares as may be necessary for services provided by the Authority or other service providers;

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