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Bhutan Online Asset Declaration System :

Organisation : Anti-Corruption Commission
Facility Name : Online Asset Declaration System (ADS)
Country : Bhutan
Website :

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What is Asset Declaration?

Asset, Income and Liabilities Declaration is a public accountability tool to check illicit enrichment of public servants, Manage potential Conflicts of Interest and promote public trust.

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How To File Asset Declaration in Bhutan?

You can file your Asset Declaration directly through online Asset Declaration System To enable you to file it online, you must first register in the system if you are a new declarant. You can also file your AD in hardcopy www.adsnew/

FAQ On Asset Declaration

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Asset Declaration

Who all are required to file Asset Declaration?
All public servants who falls under the scope of Schedule I & II of the Asset Declaration Rules 2022 must file their Asset Declaration annually until s/he ceases from being a covered person.

Does a foreign national needs to file Asset Declaration?
Yes, if s/he is working in any public agencies in the country and falls under the scope of Schedule I & II of the Asset Declaration Rules 2022

Is a declarant on long term leave required to file Asset Declaration?
If a declarant is on leave without pay for one year or more in the income year, s/he is not required to file any declaration for that period. However, asset, income & liabilities acquired in such periods should be filed in the subsequent year of declaration after his/her assumption of office.

Why must I file Asset Declaration?
Section 38 (1) of the Anti-Corruption Act of Bhutan (ACAB) 2011 requires all covered persons to file their Asset Declaration (AD). This is to promote transparency, accountability and public trust in the public service

What must I file?
You are required to file your assets, income and liabilities as per the prescribed form of the AD Rules 2022.

a) Annual Declaration:
Declare your assets, income and liabilities for the income year (1st January to 31st December) only.

b) Assumption of office:
Declare all your assets and liabilities acquired before the assumption of office. You are not required to declare your income and expenditure.

c) Vacation of office:
Declare your assets, income and liabilities for the period between annual declaration and vacation of office.

When must I file Asset Declaration ?
You are required to file your declarations in accordance with the Rule 9 (a, b & c) of the AD Rules 2022:

a) Annul Declaration: 1st March to 30th April;
b) Assumption of office: Within three months after becoming a covered person; and
c) Vacation of office: Within one month before ceasing to be a covered person for planned exit and within one month after ceasing to be a covered person for unforeseen exit.

What are the penalties?
Failing to file your AD or filing false information in the AD may subject you to penalty or disciplinary action as per the ACAB 2011 and AD Rules 2022. Willful falsification of information may subject you to criminal prosecution.

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