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Sri Lanka Climate Fund (SLCF) Project and Fund Management

Organisation : Sri Lanka Climate Fund (SLCF)
Scheme Name : Project and Fund Management
Country : Sri Lanka
Website :

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What is SLCF Project and Fund Management?

We have vast experience spanning over a decade in project and fund management. Projects associated with climate actions are most prioritized area of our service discipline and accumulated lessons and expertise allows handling projects ranging from regional level to national level.

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Specialized Areas of Project Management

** Renewable Energy
** Disaster Management
** Adaptation and Mitigation
** Environmental Engineering
** MRV System Development
** Community Development
** Social Studies

Key Projects Managed By SLCF

Project: Project on Promoting Sustainable Biomass Energy Production and Modern Bio-Energy Technologies
Client: Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) and Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy
Project Duration: 3 years
Project Cost: LKR 37.8 Million
Project Status: Completed on 31st December 2018
Key Stakeholders:: Forbes Marshall Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Lalan Engineering (Pvt) Ltd., Spectra Industries Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Saviru Technologies and Services.
Background : SLCF managed fourth component of Project on Promoting Sustainable Biomass Energy Production and Modern Bio-Energy Technologies. The primary goal of project was to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emission from the use of fossil fuel for the thermal generation of industrial sector in Sri Lanka. The project was funded by financial arm of UNDP, Global Environmental Facility (GEF)

Project: Preparation of National Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory for ‘Third National Communication on Climate Change’
Client: Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment
Project Duration: 01 Year
Project Cost: LKR 7.3 Million
Project Status: Completed on 31st December 2018
Project : One Million Tree Programme
Sponsors : LB Finance PLC and People’s Insurance PLC
Project Duration: 25 years
Key Stakeholders: : Department of Forest, Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment
Project Status: A suitable plots have been identified from Moragahakanda- Kaluganga catchment area. Two acres have already been planted with area specific timber species.
Background : The project was inaugurated on 5th June (Environmental day) 2016 at Kongahawela, Moragahakanda. Saplings recommended by Forest Department were freely offered by the Nursery maintained by Moragahakanda- Kaluganga Development Project. In line with the inaugural event, community awareness session was conducted and main objective was to ensure active participation of community into the project.

SLCF Managed Funds

Name of the Fund Donor Goal Role of SLCF Amount of Fund (Rs) Amount of Fund (USD)
($i=Rs. 150)
Haritha Lanka UNDP Preparation of the National Action Plan for Haritha (green)Lanka programme Fund management 2,276,394 15,175.96
Intended Nationally Determined Contributions –INDCs UNDP Preparation of Intended Nationally Determined Contribution to the 2015 Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,
Reducing GHG emissions as per the target,
Report- Consists of Mitigation, adaptation, means of implementation and loss damage. (04 areas),
Base year 2010 Target Period 2021-2030 English 79%, native and other languages
Fund management 4,028,700 26,858
National Climate Change Adaptation Plan-NAP UNDP Prepare the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Sri Lanka (NAP) based on the National Climate Policy and it’s Adaptation Strategy Fund Management 2,600,000 17,333

Additional Simplified Procedure

The Sri Lanka Climate Fund (SLCF) is an organization that offers project and fund management services related to climate change and environmental initiatives in Sri Lanka

Here’s a breakdown of their project and fund management services:
** Project Management Experience: SLCF has over a decade of experience managing climate-related projects. They handle the entire project lifecycle, from designing project documents to monitoring and verification
** Project Examples: The SLCF website showcases some of their completed projects, including a program promoting sustainable biomass energy and a 25-year tree planting initiative
** Fund Management: While details on specific funds they manage aren’t available, their experience suggests they can handle finances for climate projects.

Overall, SLCF seems like a credible organization with expertise in managing projects and potentially funds related to climate change and environmental efforts in Sri Lanka.

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