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Organisation : Department of Labour
Facility Name : Issuing Guarantee Certificate For Housing Loans
Country : Sri Lanka
Website :

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How To Apply For Housing Loans Guarantee Certificate in Sri Lanka?

Issuing Employees’ Provident Fund Guarantee Certificate for Housing Loan

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Method of submitting application:
Places where application form could be obtained:
Counter on the ground floor of the Head office, any District Labour office &ÂÂ here

Payment for application. :
75% housing loan application- Rs.40/=

Time to submit application:
Completed application form should, by the member himself/herself, be handed over to zonal labour office of the residence area, during office hours of a working day.

Fees paying to obtain this service:
No service charge

Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service):
06 weeks, if all documents are completed

Necessary Supporting documents:
Completed application form and other documents mentioned in the instruction sheet according to the purpose. (Information on the other necessary documents can be obtained from the district labour office)

Staff Officers in charge of the Service:
Please contact the Assistant Commissioner of the nearest District Labour Office.

Exceptions, instances not included above and special information:
If there are shortcomings in the documents, such matters can be discussed with the Deputy Commissioner of Labour or Assistant Commissioner of Labour of the Labour office to which the application is handed over.

Application Form:

Who Can Apply For Housing Loans Guarantee Certificate?

1. Active members who are currently contributing to the fund are eligible for a guarantee for 75% of the balance lying to the credit in their EPF account.
2. Inactive members who are not contributing to the fund are eligible for a guarantee for 50% of the balance lying to the credit in their EPF account.

Additional Simplified Procedure

In Sri Lanka, a Housing Loan Guarantee Certificate is typically issued by the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) to its members to support their application for a housing loan from a bank. Here’s a general idea of the process:

Active EPF membership with contributions. There are different eligibility criteria based on your contribution history (active/inactive, individual/combined accounts).

** Contact your nearest EPF zonal office: They can provide the latest information on eligibility and the application process.
** You can find your zonal office location on the Department of Labour website
** Collect the application form: This might be available at the EPF office or downloadable from their website (if available).
** Complete and submit the application: Ensure you have all the necessary documents as per the EPF’s requirements.

Documents (generally required):
** Completed application form
** EPF membership details

Additional notes:
** The guarantee amount is a percentage of your EPF balance based on your contribution history.
** Once you have the Guarantee Certificate, approach a bank that offers housing loans with EPF guarantees. They will have their own loan application process and requirements.
** Different banks may have varying eligibility criteria for housing loans with EPF guarantees.

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