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Organisation : Sri Lanka Railways (Department of Railways)
Facility Name : Online Advance Train Seats Reservation
Country : Sri Lanka
Website :

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How To Reserve Sri Lanka Railways Train Seats Online?

Welcome to Sri Lanka Railways Online Advance Train Seats Reservation. Follow the below steps to reserve Sri Lanka Railways Train Seats Online.

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Step-1 : Go to the link given above
Step-2 : Select Passenger Type, From, To, Date
Step-3 : Enter the Number of Passengers
Step-4 : Click On Search Button

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Payment Methods of Sri Lanka Railways Train Seats Reservation

You should use a valid VISA or Master Credit/ Debit card when making online reservations through the internet.

Debit/Credit Card, Bank Account Details:
You agree that the debit/credit card details provided by you for use of the Sri Lanka Railways online seat reservation service is correct and accurate and you shall not use a Debit/ credit card, that is not lawfully owned by you or the use of which is not authorized by the lawful owner thereof. You further agree and undertake to provide correct and valid debit/credit card details.

You agree, understand and confirm that your personal data including without limitation details relating to debit card/ credit card transmitted over the Internet may be susceptible to misuse, hacking, theft and/ or fraud and the Sri Lanka Railways or your Payment Service Provider(s) have no control over such matters.

The Sri Lanka Railways (including its service providers and suppliers), the Payment Service Provider(s) and its affiliates and associates shall not be liable, at any time, for any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of information contained on the Website.

You warrant, agree and confirm the following when you initiate a payment transaction through the Service and/or issue an online payment instruction and/or provide your card / bank details:
** You are fully and lawfully entitled to use such credit / debit card, bank account for such transactions.
** You are responsible to ensure that the card/ bank account details provided by you are accurate.
** You authorize debit of the nominated card/ bank account for the payment of fees selected by you.
** You are responsible to ensure that sufficient credit is available on the nominated card/ bank account at the time of making the payment to permit the payment of the dues payable or fees selected by you.

You are responsible for all transactions performed utilizing your credit/debit card and/or bank account.

Server Slow Down/Session Timeout:
** In case the Website or Payment Service Provider’s webpage, that is linked to the Website, is experiencing any server related issues like ‘slow down’ or ‘failure’ or ‘session timeout’, you shall, before initiating the second payment, check whether your bank account has been debited or not and accordingly resort to one of the following options:
** In case the bank account appears to be debited, ensure that you do not make the payment twice and immediately thereafter contact the Sri Lanka Railways via e-mail or any other mode of contact as provided by the Sri Lanka Railways to confirm payment.
** In case the Bank Account is not debited, you may initiate a fresh transaction to make payment.
** However, you agree that under no circumstances the Payment Gateway Service Provider shall be held responsible for such fraudulent/duplicate transactions and hence no claims should be raised to Payment Gateway Service Provider.
** No communication received by the Payment Service Provider(s) in this regards shall be entertained by the Payment Service Provider(s).

Sri Lanka Railways Train Seats Reservation Cancellation Policy

** If you wish to cancel the journey, you have to visit the nearest Railway station where the mTicketing service is available together with the E-Tickets issued to you and it is a mandatory requirement to provide your NIC/passport to the counter for verification purpose.
** Fill the appropriate application supplied carefully.
** Refund percentage will be calculated according to the below table exclusive of service charge.
** Cancellation can be done according to the below mentioned time periods prior to relevant train departure.

Sri Lanka Railways Train Seats Reservation Refund Policy

** Refunds will be available only for the particular train (journey) which has been completely unavailable due to an interruption.
** Only the ticket fee will be refunded and service charge will not be refunded.

Additional Simplified Procedure

Here’s how to reserve Sri Lanka Railways train seats online:

Important Note:
The Sri Lanka Railways website currently states that you need a valid railway warrant document to reserve seats online. This requirement might change in the future, so it’s worth checking the website for updates.

If you do have a valid warrant, proceed with these steps:
** Visit the Sri Lanka Railways Online Reservation portal
** Agree to the terms and conditions.
** Enter your departure and arrival stations, along with your desired travel date.
** If the initial search doesn’t yield results, try using different combinations of stations along your route.
** Once you find availability, proceed to complete the reservation.
** The system will assign you a seat and generate an m-ticket with your coach and seat number. This will also be emailed to you.

Additional Information:
** You cannot choose your seat; assignments are automated.
** The m-ticket cannot be used for travel. You need to exchange it for a physical ticket at a station with mTicketing service using your m-ticket and the ID used for booking.
** Consider signing up for an account on the website, though it isn’t mandatory for booking at this time.

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