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Organisation : Department of Land Commissioner & Provincial Land Commissioner Department (Western Province)
Facility Name : eState Land Information & Management System / eSlims Training System
Country : Sri Lanka
Website :

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What is eSlims Training System?

Land has a asset value of land into The Provincial Land Commissioner’s Department (Western Province) and the Department of Land Commissioner General’s are responsible for managing government lands within the Western Province. The issuing of land permits, land grants and releasing lands on long term lease are the main functions which are performed by the department. There are several organizations involved in the process of releasing a land.

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How To Login To eSlims Training System?

To Login To eSlims Training System, Follow the below steps

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2: Enter the User Name and Password
Step-3 : Click On “Login” Button

Objectives of eSlims Training System

This project intends to develop a more citizen friendly and efficient and effective for state land disposal process.

Hence this project intends,
** To develop a solution which captures the entire process of land disposal at Divisional Secretariats, Provincial Departments, Central Government Department, Ministry and the Presidential Secretariat
** To provide status details of land release applications to applicants.
** To provide details regarding government land related regulations and releasing processes.
** To maintain all records in electronic formats in relation to of land alienation activities in textual any graphical format.
** To maintain up-to-date details of state lands in Western Province

According to the system study conducted at Land Commissioner Department of Western Province, the envisaged eSLIMS solution has to contribute for the main objectives as well as the supporting activities of the department.

Therefore, the functionality of the eSLIMS solution is expected to cater for issuing lands on permits, grants, long term lease for departments and private parties, yield tax collection and vesting orders of the Land Commissioner Department of Western Province.

Scope of eSlims Training System

Therefore, the following activities are considered as the scope of the State Land MIS solution that could be listed as macro level activities of the eSLIMS solution. They are,

Land grants:
Land grants are issued under the regulations such as Land Development Ordinance, Crown Land Ordinance and Land Redemption Ordinance. The land grants are issued for the people who received a land permit. The recipients can be categorized as low income groups, high income groups, farmers’ class, educated youths and Buddhist temples.

There are different types of grants which are issued under different regulations such as Free Grants, Middle Class Grants, Land Development Ordinance Grants and Special Grants. The initial request should be made through Divisional Secretariats. Land grants are issued for special projects, agriculture activities, residents and for the Buddhist temples.

Land permits:
Land permit is the initial document which is issued to the selected land applicants under Land Development Ordinance and Western Province Land Development Statute. Applications are submitted through Divisional Secretariats and it should be approved by the provincial land ministry as per the decision of the provincial cabinet.

Annual land permits:
The annual permits are issued to people for the purpose of using short term agriculture activities and residential purpose under Crown Land Ordinance. The request should be submitted through Divisional Secretariat. The permits are issued for an annual fee which is part of the department income.

Land release for departments:
This is the process of releasing lands for government department and ministries under Crown Land Ordinance. The request should be made through Divisional Secretariat and the final approval is made by the land commissioner general of the central government Land Commissioner General’s Department. A releasing certificate is issued for the selected government organization.

Long term leasing approval letter:
The long term leasing approval letter is issued under Crown Land Ordinance for a period of 30 years. The recipients are individuals or institutions for the purpose of residence, agriculture, industries, special projects and religions places. The application should be made through a Divisional Secretariat. Final approval is given by the provincial land ministry.

Long term leasing agreements:
The lease agreement is issued only after issuing the lease approval letter for a land recipient under Crow Land Ordinance. This is also one of the functions of releasing a land on long term lease. Lease rentals are collected as the income releasing lands for commercial activities.

Vesting orders:
Lands which are transferred for government organizations such as Local government Authorities and three armed forces by a vesting order are performed under this process. The approval is given by the H. E. the President.

Yield tax permits:
This is a process of collecting tax from lands which are released for the people on the basis of yield consumption. Yield income is collected from the lands issued to departments and auctioning yield of unreleased lands.

Land kachchary:
Lands are released to the people through a Land Kachchary. It is a method of selecting land recipients by evaluating land applications. Selected applicants are issued a permit under Land Development Ordinance and grants under Special Grant Provision Act.

Additional Simplified Procedure

The Sri Lanka eSlims Training System appears to be part of the State Land Information and Management System (e-SLIMS) of the Sri Lankan government.

Here’s how to log in:
** Visit the eSlims website: [Sri Lanka eSLIMS ON]
** Click on the “eSlims Training Site” link located under the “Public Information” section on the homepage.
** This will take you to the eSlims Training System login page. You should see a login form where you can enter your credentials.

Important points to remember:
Make sure you have a valid username and password for the eSlims Training System. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to contact the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka to obtain them.

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