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Organisation : Sri Lanka Customs
Facility Name : Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme
Applicable State/UT : Sri Lanka
Website :

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What is Sri Lanka Customs AEO Programme?

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme is the most prominent trade facilitation programme of Sri Lanka Customs, recognizing and facilitating the most compliant and secure operators of the supply chain.

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Eligibility of Sri Lanka Customs AEO Programme

Any operator applying for CEO or AEO status must fulfil specified criteria in order to qualify for an authorisation.

1. An economic operator involved in the international supply chain that undertakes Customs related activity in Sri Lanka can apply for CEO/AEO status irrespective of the size of their business. The list is not exhaustive and may include exporters, importers, logistic providers, bondsmen, terminal operators, customs brokers, and warehouse operators.

2. The applicant must be established in Sri Lanka; for this purpose, the applicant should provide evidence which may include:
i. Certificate of registration issued by the Registrar of Companies.
ii. Certificate of registration as a taxpayer TIN issued by the Department of Inland Revenue.
iii. Certificate of registration for VAT issued by the Department of Inland Revenue.
iv. Details of places/locations where goods are being handled, e.g. loading, unloading, storage etc., in the course of supply to/from international supply chain.
v. Proof that the company has its own bank account.

3. The applicant should have conducted Customs related activity for at least three financial years preceding the date of application.

4. The applicant should have surpassed the threshold of 25 documents submitted to Customs during the last financial year, that is, either import/export CUSDECs, or other applicable document in the case for logistics operators.

5. An application for CEO/AEO status will only cover one legal company and will not automatically apply to all entities within a consortium of individuals entities, or to any subsidiary companies

How To Apply For Sri Lanka Customs AEO Programme?

Commercially active registered Exporters, Importers in Sri Lanka who have completed business operations for a minimum of 3 years have satisfactory procedure in place to prevent unauthorized Customs declarations being made in the Company name can apply for the programme. Sri Lanka Customs will evaluate your application thoroughly and grant the relevant status if the specified requirements are met.

Step 01 : Check your Eligibility
Check your business is eligible to apply for the programme

Step 02: Download the Application
Download the CEO/AEO Application

Step 03: Submit Application
Go through the application, provide the full details and submit

Step 04: Validation
Sri Lanka Customs will evaluate your application thoroughly and decide on granting the relevant status

Step 05: CEO/AEO Certificate
Certification will be granted if the company meets the expected compliance Level.

Steps to Apply:
** Check your eligibility: Make sure you meet the criteria mentioned above.
** Download the application: You can download the CEO/AEO Application form from the Sri Lanka Customs website:
** Submit the application: Fill out the application form completely and submit it online through the AEO program website.
** Validation: Sri Lanka Customs will evaluate your application and conduct a validation process. This may involve a site visit and document verification.
** Certification: If you meet all the requirements, you will be awarded a CEO or AEO certificate.

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