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Organisation : Department of Posts
Facility Name : Cash On Delivery Service
Applicable Country : Sri Lanka
Website :

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What is SL Post Cash On Delivery Service?

Cash On Delivery Service has been introduced by improving the Cash On Delivery Post to facilitate the online businesses today. After the sender has paid the postage and handed over the goods ordered via online and when the good is handed over to the recipient the due amount for the good is collected and it is sent quickly to the sender.

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Handing Over COD Goods:
** Can be handed over through any Post Office or Sub Post Office in the country.

Maximum weight and value (Per parcel):
** Maximum weight 40kg
** Value to be charged by the businessman (sender of the parcel) for the parcel up to Rs. 100,000.00

Goods that can be delivered:
** Any good or material that is not prohibited to be sent by post.

Prohibited stuff or the stuff to be insured – coins and notes, weapons, things like silver and gold ornaments

Handing over COD goods to the Post counter:
Goods can be handed over in three ways.
** To the counter individually
** To the counter as a list
** Goods that are presented through entering data online by the registered customers themselves at their institutions (details ahead)

How To Register For Cash On Delivery Service?

** Leading Customers who have computer literacy and intend to present COD goods continuously through Sri Lanka Post business wisely are registered.
** Customer should correctly fill their personal details in Annexure 01 or in the form publicized through web site and hand over the form to Postmaster/Deputy Postmaster.
** If registered through a business name, the name of the business should mention in the field number 05, Name/Nature of the business in Annexure 01 and a copy of the relevant business registration certificate should be submitted along with the application.
** These customers can get a personal user account to add the items they enter in advance and to monitor the cash deposit details through online.
** In order to that, the application in Annexure 01 should complete correctly in two copies and submit to the Postmaster/Deputy Postmaster of the Post Office which you hand over goods to.

Charges of Cash On Delivery Service

** Postage – ‘SL POST COURIER’ charges according to weight (Annexure 02)
** Money Order Commission – Money Order Commission according to the value of the good (Annexure 02)
** Service Charge – Fixed Charge of Rs. 50.00 Postage + Money Order Commission + Service Charge = Amount to be paid
** After adding the amount due to the sender of COD goods to the amount to be paid mentioned above, the total amount should be marked on the parcel. Payment of the charges
** The above charges should be paid in cash at the Post Office counter where COD goods are handed over.
** You can easily calculate the charge related to COD good using COD CALCULATOR through the link

Packaging Cod Goods:
** A strong cover, box or suitable package should be used according to the nature of the sending item. If polythene covers are used, a paper that can note by a pen should also be used.
** In order to identify easily at the Post, ”COD” should clearly mentioned on the parcel.
** For the convenience and speed of the delivery, the sender’s address should be entered on the left and the recipient’s on the right and whenever its possible, the recipient’s telephone number should be mentioned below recipient’s address.
** Also, mentioning the postal code of the delivering office below the address will facilitate quick delivery of the parcel to the recipient.
** There should be a clear place on the parcel to affix the Barcode label. Delivering the COD good
** After the good is received by the delivering office, a telephone call will be given by the Postmaster/Deputy Postmaster to the recipient’s telephone number informing to be prepared to receive the parcel and get the money ready.
** When delivering the COD parcel, signature should be placed on the relevant place of the Delivery Print given to the recipient.

Cash Settlement to COD Sender:
** After the postman has arrived after delivering, the payment notices are issued to collect money.
** Money can be settled at any Post Office or Sub Post Office in the country.

Tracking Facility:
** Can be checked through the link

Detention of the parcels at Delivering Office:
If the recipient refuses to accept the good due to any reason or if the good cannot be delivered after making all the possible efforts to deliver it, these goods will be detained at the destination office up to 5 days including the date of receiving to the office and then it is sent back to the sender through the initiate office. If the COD parcel needs to be detained for few additional days, the recipient should pay Rs.50.00 per day to the Delivering Post Office.

Inquiries, Complaints and Suggestions

Telephone Numbers:
** Marketing and Research Division – 011 2695372
** Information Technology Division – 011 2330072
** WhatsApp Business Number – 070 2847623
** Hot line – 1950

Email Address:
** Marketing and Research Division – supdt.mkt[ AT ]
** Information Technology Division – ebtm[ AT ]

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