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Philippine Statistics Authority : Check PSA Certificate Order Status Online

Organisation : Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
Facility Name : Check PSA Certificate Order Status Online
Country : Philippines
Website :

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How To Check PSA Certificate Order Status Online?

This page is dedicated to keep you up to date on the status of your ordered PSA birth certificate, PSA marriage certificate, PSA death certificate, or Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR). We value your time and would like to be transparent on when you can expect for our courier to be at your doorstep with your ordered documents. You can check the status of your order by simply typing your order’s Reference Number; click on the Check Status button to begin your search.

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Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter your 10-digit reference number
Step-3 : Click On “Check Status” Button

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Order Status:
Your order is waiting for payment:
This means that your order was successfully accepted by the system and will be processed as soon as your payment posts.

Your order is already paid:
Thank you. We are currently processing your order.

Your order was already released at the PSA:
Your order will be dispatched to our courier and you will be notified as soon as it is on the way.

Your order is out for delivery:
Your PSA certificate/s are now dispatched to our couriers and will be delivered to your address. Please prepare your ID/s as the courier will request to see this before your order is released to you. You may view the delivery progress by clicking on the provided tracking link.

Your order was delivered:
This means that your order has been delivered to your address and was successfully received.

FAQ On PSA Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On PSA Certificate

What changed about ordering a PSA Certificate of Live Birth online?
You may order a PSA Certificate of Live Birth for yourself, your child, or your parents. If you wish to order copies of PSA Certificate of Live Birth for other relatives, you may proceed to the nearest PSA Civil Registry System Outlet.

What happened to my previous PSA certificate orders?
All orders placed on or before January 2020 have been deleted from our database.

How soon can I order a PSA Certificate of Marriage for newlyweds?
It is recommended that the application be done after the posting period. Processing may take longer and the result will depend on the records at the PSA. It may take a few months after the registration of the document to be received, verified, and converted into a digital format by the PSA.

Please be advised of the posting period below:
** 2 – 4 months posting period for place of marriage within Metro Manila, based on the transmittal date
** At least 6 months posting period for provincial place of event, based on the transmittal date

Can I apply for my certificates if I am residing abroad?
Our service is for clients residing in the Philippines only. However, any of your parents or children of legal age may apply for your Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and Certificate of No Marriage. For the Death Certificate of your spouse, any of your children of legal age may apply for it. The document will be delivered to the Philippine address, provided it is within the covered delivery areas.

I have placed an order but it is still unpaid. Can I authorize someone to receive my order in the Philippines since I am residing abroad?
Please disregard the unpaid application and ask any of your parents or children of legal age to apply for your certificate. The person who requested for your cerificate, meaning your parent or child of legal age, is the only one allowed to receive the document during the delivery . For more information you may send us an email at or call our hotline at (632) 87371111

My family is already here with me abroad. Can I authorize someone instead to receive my ordered document in the Philippines?
Kindly send us an email at indicating the reference number of your order for the additional requirements needed for the release of your document to your nominated receiver. Please be advised that the delivery time will be extended depending on the submission/completion and validation of the requirements.


Email : help [AT]
Call : (02) 8737 1111

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