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Government Of Ireland Redundancy Payment Scheme :

Organization : Government of Ireland
Facility Name : Apply for Redundancy Payment Scheme
Country : Ireland
Website :

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What Is Ireland Redundancy Payment Scheme?

** A statutory redundancy payment under the scheme is a payment from the Social Insurance Fund by the Department of Social Protection to an employee where an employer is unable to make a statutory redundancy payment.

** If your employer is unable to pay your statutory redundancy payment, an application can be submitted by the employer on your behalf to the department on Welfare Partners for payment to be made through the Redundancy Payment Scheme.

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How To Qualify For Ireland Redundancy Payment Scheme?

To qualify for the Redundancy Payment Scheme the following conditions must be met:
** 104 weeks of continuous employment with the same employer
** employment is fully insurable under the Social Welfare Acts
** the job must no longer exist
** employee must be over 16
** This scheme covers employees who are insured for all benefits under social welfare legislation. Generally, this means an employee who pays class “A” PRSI
** The employer has a responsibility to pay statutory redundancy payments to all eligible employees. This entitlement is in accordance with the Redundancy Payment Act.
** Employees in continuous service with the same employer for at least 13 weeks are entitled to a minimum period of notice before an employer can dismiss them.

How To Apply For Ireland Redundancy Payment Scheme?

** If you have not received a Redundancy Payment and you believe you are entitled to one, contact your employer.
** You should do this in writing to ensure there is a record of the request. There is a time limit of one year from the date of termination to apply to your employer for redundancy payment.
** If the company has gone into liquidation, then the liquidator becomes the employer’s representative and will respond to enquiries in relation to redundancy payments.

To apply for redundancy on the basis of a WRC award
** Following an award in favour of the employee if the employer refuses to make a payment the employee may apply directly to the department for payment under the Redundancy Payment Scheme.
** To request an application form, send an email to redundancypayments [AT]
** Send a copy of the signed form and the WRC decision to the contact details listed at the end of this page.
** Applications submitted by an employee along with a WRC decision do not require an employer’s signature.

How to apply if you are an employer or an employer representative
** Employers and employer representatives can apply online at Welfare Partners.
** To access this service, employers and employer representatives will require a Department of Social Protection (DSP) Sub-Cert which is issued by Revenue. More information on how to apply for a DSP Sub-Cert can be found here.
** Use the below guide to find out how to submit a Redundancy Payment Scheme application.

This guide applies to you if you are:
** the employer
** a member of their staff
** contracted by the employer and making applications on their instruction such as a payroll company, accountant, or solicitor firm hired by the employer
** an official appointee who has been appointed to manage the affairs of the employer

Redundancy Payment Scheme Rate Of payment

** The rate of statutory redundancy is two weeks’ pay for every year of service (over the age of 16) plus one additional week’s pay. Payment is subject to a limit of €600 per week.
** Your normal gross weekly wage is used in the calculation. If you do not have a normal weekly wage, an average is used to calculate the payment.

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