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Government Of Ireland Partial Capacity Benefit :

Organization : Government of Ireland
Facility Name : Apply for Partial Capacity Benefit
Country : Ireland
Website :

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What Is Partial Capacity Benefit?

** Partial Capacity Benefit is paid if you cannot work to your full capacity. The rate of payment is based upon a medical assessment of your incapacity to work.

** Partial Capacity Benefit (PCB) is a scheme available to people who have a restriction on their capacity to work.

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** They can be medically assessed as having a mild, moderate, severe or profound restriction.

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How To Qualify For Partial Capacity Benefit?

** You may qualify for Partial Capacity Benefit if your restriction on capacity for work is assessed as moderate, severe, or profound. If it is assessed as mild you will not qualify.

** To qualify for Partial Capacity Benefit, you need to be currently getting either:

** Illness Benefit (for a minimum of 6 months)

** Invalidity Pension

** Your entitlement to Partial Capacity Benefit may be affected if you commence employment before your claim has been approved; if you wish to avail of Partial Capacity Benefit, you must apply before starting work.

** You can earn any amount and work as many hours as you wish. You can work in a self-employed capacity while getting Partial Capacity Benefit.

** You can get Partial Capacity Benefit and a half-rate Carer’s Allowance together, but you cannot get Partial Capacity Benefit and Working Family Payment (WFP) (formerly known as Family Income Supplement) together.

How To Apply For Partial Capacity Benefit?

** To apply, fill in the Partial Capacity Benefit application form below or contact the department’s Partial Capacity Benefit Section by calling 0818 927770 or emailing PCB [AT] . They will post you an application form.

** A medical assessor will assess your capacity for work. You may have to attend a medical assessment.

** You should include all appropriate medical evidence with your application.

** If you qualify for Partial Capacity Benefit, you don’t have to send in regular medical certificates.

** You should apply for Partial Capacity Benefit before you start to look for work. Your payment may change when you go back to work but this will not happen until you actually start work.

Download Application :

Return your application, with relevant supporting documents, to:
Partial Capacity Benefit Section
Address : Government Buildings, Ballinalee Road, Longford, Co. Longford.
Email : PCB [AT]
Phone number : (043) 3340000, 0818 92 77 70

Partial Capacity Benefit Rates Of Payment

Partial Capacity Benefit may include increases for your:
** qualified adult

** qualified child

** A qualified adult means that your spouse’s or partner’s income is below a certain level and you receive an increase in your payment for them. You may also get an extra amount for your child called an Increase for a Qualified Child .

To get this increase your child must:
** live with you, in the State

** be the correct age for the payment you are claiming (the age varies from scheme to scheme)

** not be in legal custody

The personal rate of payment is based upon:
** Your capacity to work based on the department’s medical assessment

** whether or not you were receiving Illness Benefit or Invalidity Pension

** your current rate of payment

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