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Government Of Ireland Community Employment Ex-Gratia Payment :

Organization : Government of Ireland
Facility Name : Apply for Community Employment Ex-Gratia Payment for Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors
Country : Ireland
Website :

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What Is Community Employment Ex-Gratia Payment?

The Community Employment (CE) Ex-Gratia Payment is a once-off tax free payment for eligible CE supervisors and CE assistant supervisors. It is treated as income for the purpose of assessing means. You can get this payment after reaching retirement age in respect of time employed in that role.

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How To Qualify For Community Employment Ex-Gratia Payment?

To qualify for this payment, you must:
** Have been employed as a CE supervisor or CE assistant supervisor between 1 July 2008 and 31 December 2023. The payment will apply to all periods of employment in that role during this period

** Have a minimum of 104 weeks (2 years) accumulated service (this includes service before 1 July 2008) prior to reaching the State Pension age of 66

You will not qualify for this payment if you:
** Have received a redundancy payment in respect of a CE employment (redundancy payments from a non-CE employer will not affect entitlement to this scheme)
Were in a pension scheme provided by your CE employer and where your CE employer contributed to a pension scheme

** Were getting a payment on retirement in lieu of pension from your CE employer
A CE supervisor or CE assistant supervisor who worked on more than one CE scheme may be entitled to the Ex-Gratia Payment in respect of that CE scheme.

How To Apply For Community Employment Ex-Gratia Payment?

If the department has not contacted you in relation to the Ex-Gratia Payment and you believe you are entitled to this payment, please emai CEExGratiaInfo [AT] with your:
** Personal Public Service (PPS) Number
** name
** address
** email address
** contact number

If you are an Executor of an Estate acting on behalf of a deceased CE supervisor or CE assistant supervisor, please provide their:
** PPS Number
** name
** address

Please also provide details of the executor’s:
** name
** email address
** contact number
** Also, indicate that you are the executor of the CE supervisor or CE assistant supervisor estate.
** Please note: a copy of the grant of representation will be required when returning the CE Ex-Gratia application form.
** To help us process your application, we recommend completing SAFE registration before applying. We use this to establish and verify your identity. Find out more about SAFE Registration here.

Rate Of Payment Community Employment Ex-Gratia Payment

** The rate of payment is 2 weeks’ salary for every year you were employed as a CE supervisor or CE assistant supervisor.
** The payment is calculated based on actual time worked. Periods of time spent in part-time employment are calculated on a pro-rata basis.
** Your salary scale point at the time of CE retirement will be used in the calculation, at a maximum of €600 per week.

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