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Government Of Ireland Apply For Maternity Benefit Scheme :

Organization : Government of Ireland
Facility Name : Apply for Maternity Benefit Scheme
Country : Ireland
Website :

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What is Maternity Benefit Scheme?

Maternity Benefit is a payment for employed, pregnant women, to help you support yourself while on Maternity Leave from work. It is also available if you have just recently ended employment. If you are eligible for full-rate Maternity Benefit, you will get €250 a week for 26 weeks (156 days). If you are already on certain social welfare payments, you may get half-rate Maternity Benefit.

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Who can get Maternity benefit ?

You may get Maternity benefit if:
** You are pregnant or have recently given birth.
** You are in, or have very recently ended employment or self employment.
** You have enough PRSI contributions.
** You have a completed MB2 from your employer, or if self employed, you have a completed MB3 from your Doctor.

How To Qualify For Ireland Maternity Benefit Scheme?

** At least 39 weeks PRSI paid in the 12 months before your first day of your maternity leave or
** At least 39 weeks PRSI paid since first starting work and at least 39 weeks PRSI paid or credited in the Relevant Tax Year or in the year following the Relevant Tax Year or
** At least 26 weeks PRSI paid in the Relevant Tax Year and at least 26 weeks PRSI paid in the Tax Year prior to the Relevant Tax Year
** Note: PRSI contributions paid at Classes A, E and H count.
** If you were in insurable self-employment before starting insurable employment as an employee and have Class S PRSI contributions these may help you qualify for Maternity Benefit.
** If you are a member of the Defence Forces and you pay PRSI at Class H, you are insured for Maternity Benefit, but it is not payable while you are in service.

How To Apply For Ireland Maternity Benefit Scheme?

To Apply For Ireland Maternity Benefit, Follow the below steps,
Steps :
Step 1: Go to the link-
Step 2: Click on Apply Now
Step 3: Enter the Email Address
Step 4: Enter the Password
Step 5: Click on Login

Rate Of Payment For Ireland Maternity Benefit Scheme

** Maternity Benefit is €250 a week for 26 weeks, or 156 days.
** If you pay tax, you will have to pay tax on Maternity Benefit. You will not have to pay the Universal Social Charge (USC) or social insurance (PRSI).

Increasing Payments :
** If you have dependants, you may be able to get a higher rate of Maternity Benefit. When you apply, your rate of Maternity Benefit (excluding increases for dependants) is compared to the rate of Illness Benefit (including increases for dependants) that would be paid to you if you were absent from work through illness. The higher of the two rates is paid to you.

** Maternity Benefit is paid directly into your bank or building society current or deposit account. It cannot be paid into a mortgage account.

** Your employer may continue to pay you in full when you are on maternity leave. They may require you to have your Maternity Benefit paid to them, and you can choose to do this.

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