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Government Of Ireland Apply For Child Benefit Scheme :

Organization : Government of Ireland
Facility Name : Apply for Child Benefit Scheme
Country : Ireland
Website :

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What is Child Benefit Scheme?

Child Benefit is a monthly payment of €140 to support parents and guardians. It is paid for each child who normally lives with you and is being fully supported by you and under 16, or under 18 if in full-time education, full-time training or has a disability and cannot support themselves. Child Benefit is not paid on behalf of children 18 or older, even if they stay in education or training.

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How To Qualify For Ireland Child Benefit Scheme?

To qualify for Ireland Child Benefit Scheme, you must :
** To qualify for Child Benefit, you must meet the Habitual Residence Condition. This applies to all applicants regardless of nationality.

** Parents or guardians of children aged 16 years and under. Parents or guardians of children between 16 and 18 years if the child is in full time education, training or can not support themselves financially due to disability.

** Non-EU citizens legally working in the State may qualify for Child Benefit if their child is also a resident here. Only for your first child that is born in Ireland and where invited to apply by correspondence from DSP.

** Payment is automatic for subsequent children so no application is needed

** Child Benefit is normally paid to the child’s mother or step-mother. If the child does not live with their mother or step-mother but lives with their father or step-father, Child Benefit can be paid to them.

** If the child is not living with or being maintained by their parents, the person caring for the child may get Child Benefit.

How To Apply For Ireland Child Benefit Scheme?

To Apply For Ireland Child Benefit, Follow the below steps,
Steps :
Step 1: Go to the link –
Step 2: Click on Apply Now
Step 3: Enter the Email Address
Step 4: Enter the Password
Step 5: Click on Login

Note :
** If your baby is born in Ireland and you are not already claiming Child Benefit for any other children, our Child Benefit Section will automatically send you a claim form to complete when you register the birth of your child. This form also includes information on how to claim for your new baby online.
** If you are already getting Child Benefit, your new baby is added to your Child Benefit claim when you register their birth and payment begins automatically from the month after the birth.
** If your child is not born in Ireland, or their birth is not registered within the required time (3 months), you must fill in Child Benefit form (CB1) and send it to the Child Benefit Section.
** A CB2 application form must also be filled out for each child aged 16 or 17 years.

Rate Of Payment For Ireland Child Benefit Scheme

** Number of Children – Monthly Child Benefit Payment
** One Child – €140
** Twins – €210 for each child (1½ times the single rate for one child)
** Other Multiple Births – €280 for each child (double the rate for one child)
** Child Benefit is paid on the first Tuesday of every month. You usually get your first payment the month after your child is born.

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