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Government of Ireland Blind Pension Application :

Organization : Government of Ireland
Facility Name : Apply for Blind Pension
Country : Ireland
Website :

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What is Blind Pension?

Blind Pension is a means-tested payment paid to blind and visually impaired people who are habitually resident in Ireland. A person in receipt of Blind Pension can take up employment or self-employment. The first €140 of weekly income from that employment is disregarded for the purpose of the means test. The 50% of their weekly earnings between €140 and €350 is then disregarded for the purpose of the means test. Any further earnings, over €350 per week, are fully assessed for the purpose of the means test. Blind Pension can be taxed as a source of income.

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How To Qualify for Blind Pension?

To qualify for the Blind Pension, you must supply an eye test from an eye surgeon to verify your visual impairment.

Additional information:
1. If you are awarded a Blind Pension, you will automatically get a
1. Free Travel Pass – travel on public transport in Ireland for free
2. Companion Free Travel Pass – companion aged 16 or over to also travel for free when accompanying you.

** You may also qualify for the Blind Welfare Allowance paid by the HSE and other benefits like the Living Alone Increase and Household Benefits Package.
** If you are blind or have a serious visual impairment before the age of 18, you should make your claim four months before your 18th birthday.
** If you are aged 16-18, you may also qualify for Disablement Benefit
** Blind Pension is not paid after you turn 66.
** If you become blind or seriously visually impaired after you turn 18, you should apply as soon as possible.
** This is important, as payment can only be made from the date we receive your application.
** If you need full-time care, the person looking after you may qualify for a Carer’s Allowance or Carer’s Benefit .

If you are under age 66 and you satisfy the relevant conditions, you may also qualify for:
** Adoptive Benefit
** Half-rate Carer’s Allowance
** Health and Safety Benefit
** Illness Benefit
** Injury Benefit
** Jobseeker’s Benefit
** Maternity Benefit
** One-Parent Family Payment
** Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s (Non-contributory) Pension
** Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s (Contributory) Pension

You may receive a Blind Pension while you are getting Partial Capacity Benefit. We do not include your income from Partial Capacity Benefit when we do the means test for Blind Pension, but we do include your earnings from any other source.

How To Apply For Blind Pension?

To Apply For Blind Pension Follow the below steps

Application Form:

You can also get this form at your local:
** Intreo Centre or social welfare branch office
** Citizens Information Centre

Braille and audio cassette tape versions of this application form are available from the National Council for the Blind of Ireland. Staff in your local Intreo Centre or social welfare branch office will be happy to help you complete the form and can answer any questions you may have.

Please return your completed application form and relevant supporting documents to
Blind Pension Section

Social Welfare Services Office,
College Road, Sligo,
Co. Sligo, F91 T384.
Email: Blind_Pension [AT] welfare [DOT] ie
Phone number: 0818 200400

Payment Rates of Blind Pension

The Payment Rates of Blind Pension are given below,

Personal rate €208.00
Increase for a Qualified Adult €138.00
Increase for a Qualified Child Under 12 Over 12
Full rate €40.00 €48.00
Half rate €20.00 €24.00

** Your payment is made up of a personal rate for you and extra amounts for a qualified adult and any dependant children.
** A qualified adult is a spouse or partner whose income is below a certain level.
** You receive an increase in your payment for them. You may also get an extra amount for your child, called an Increase for a Qualified Child.

To get this increase your child must:
** live with you, in the State
** be the correct age for the payment you are claiming
** not be in legal custody

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