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Service Public Criminal Record Certificate Application France

Organization : Service Public France, Legal & Administrative Information Directorate
Facility Name : Service Public Criminal Record Certificate Application France
Country : France
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What is Criminal Record Certificate?

A criminal record certificate may be requested during certain administrative procedures or when searching for a job. The application procedure is different depending on your place of birth. There is no general validity period for the criminal record extract. The applicant organization shall assess the duration which it considers relevant in the light of the context. It is possible to verify online the authenticity of a criminal record extract without conviction. The period of validity shall be assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the applicant organization.

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Eligibility Criteria

You can request a criminal record (Bulletin No. 3) only:

** for yourself
** or for your minor child
** or a person of age under your tutelage.

A person’s criminal record number 2 may be issued to certain authorities for specific reasons (e.g. to access employment in contact with minors). Some private organizations also have access to it, for reasons limited by law.

How To Apply Criminal Record Certificate?

To Apply Criminal Record Certificate, Follow the below steps
1. Online:
Application Link :

Click on Go to the Online Procedure

** If your ballot does not contain any convictions, it will be sent to you by email, within a time limit of less than one hour, or by simple mail, within a time limit of 2 weeks.

** If the ballot contains a reference to convictions, lapses or disabilities, it will be sent to you by registered letter with notice of receipt, within a maximum of 2 weeks.

2. By Mail:
Send the Certificate form n°10071*14 to the National Judicial Register by mail or fax. You must specify your name, first name(s), date and place of birth, and the address to which the document should be returned.

Link :

Criminal Record Certificate Duration Period
** There is no text specifying the period of validity of a criminal record extract.
** The period of validity shall be assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the applicant organization.

FAQ on Criminal Record Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ on Criminal Record Certificate are given below,
1. How do you check your B2?
** If you want to know the contents of your B2, you should ask to consult the full content of your criminal record.
** This will give you access to the 3 criminal record bulletins.
** You must send an application by free mail to the public prosecutor of the correctional court responsible for your home.

2. Can B2 be transmitted to public authorities?
** Prefects and public administrations of the State, for the exercise of their missions
** Military authorities, on youth engagement
** Public authorities competent for the examination of disputes concerning the exercise of electoral rights
** Administrations, legal persons or bodies responsible for supervising the exercise of a professional or social activity
** Chairmen of departmental councils receiving an application for approval for adoption

3. Can B2 be passed on to employers?
** Departmental Youth, Engagement and Sports Service for Educational Recreation and Youth Vacation Centres

** Regional Director for the Judicial Protection of Youth or, in the Overseas Departments, Departmental Director for the Judicial Protection of Youth, for the reception centres for juvenile offenders or adults under 21 years of age protected by the courts

** Department of Health and Social Affairs, Life and Hospitality Centres, Education and Support Centres, and Early Medical Action Centres for Juveniles Placed by the Judiciary or with Social Difficulties.

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