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What is Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is the main way the Australian Government helps families with child care fees. Providers must be approved by the department to receive CCS on behalf of families.

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To get Child Care Subsidy (CCS) you must:
** care for a child 13 or younger who’s not attending secondary school, unless an exemption applies
** use an approved child care service
** be responsible for paying the child care fees
** meet residency and immunisation requirements.

How To Claim Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

To Claim Child Care Subsidy (CCS), Follow the steps given below,
** Complete the following steps to apply for Child Care Subsidy (CCS). Before you start, check if you can get it.
** Child Care Subsidy – guide to claim
** We’ll guide you through the claim process for new claims. We’ll also help you update an existing claim to add another child.
** A Child Care Subsidy claim can be backdated up to 28 days.
** Keep in mind, you can’t make a lump sum claim for Child Care Subsidy.
** Before you start, check if you’re eligible for Child Care Subsidy.

Step 1: Go to the link
Step 2: Click on Start
Step 3: Do you already get Child Care Subsidy and want to add another child?
Step 4: Do you have a Child Care Subsidy claim in progress?
Step 5: Answer the all Question
Step 6: Click on Submit

1. Setting up online accounts
Create a myGov account :
** With myGov, you can access government services online.
** To get Centre link payments and services, you need to create a myGov account and link it to Centrelink.
** You need your own email address to create a myGov account.


2. Prove your identity
3. Supporting documents
4. Confirm enrolment

Who Can Get Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

You need to meet some requirements to get Child Care Subsidy.
We pay this subsidy directly to your child care provider to reduce the fees you pay.

You may be eligible if you or your partner meet all of the following:
** care for your child at least 2 nights per fortnight, or have 14% care
** are liable for fees for care provided at an approved child care service
** meet the residence rules.

Your child must also meet both of these:
** immunisation requirements
** not be attending secondary school unless an exemption applies.

If your child attends secondary school, you may still be eligible if they need supervision. They must be either:
** 13 or under
** 14 to 18 with disability.
** In these circumstances, you must provide evidence why your child can’t be unsupervised.
** This may include evidence of your child’s disability.
** You also need to confirm an adult cannot to care for your child during this time.
** Each person that’s liable to pay child care fees will need to apply for this subsidy and meet these criteria.

How Much You Can Get Child Care Subsidy?

Family income

Your family income Child Care Subsidy percentage
$0 to $72,466 85%
More than $72,466 to below $177,466 Between 85% and 50%
The percentage goes down by 1% for every $3,000 of income your family earns
$177,466 to below $256,756 50%
$256,756 to below $346,756 Between 50% and 20%
The percentage goes down by 1% for every $3,000 of income your family earns
$346,756 to below $356,756 20%
$356,756 or more 0%

What Other Help Is Available In Child Care Subsidy?

We have a range of other services, tools and information to help you manage your payment or get extra support.

This includes:
** tips about assistance with child care fees
** extra support through Additional Child Care Subsidy
** managing your Child Care Subsidy and details online
** more payments for families
** tips about how to manage your money
** information about child care providers
** someone dealing with us on your behalf
** reviews and appeals.

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