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What is Malaysia Birth Certificate Registration?

Each birth in Peninsular Malaysia has to be registered and referred to the following legislations Birth and Death Registration Act 1957 (Act 299). Birth and death can be registered at any National Registration Department in Peninsular Malaysia nearest to the home address. For stillbirth registration, the informant must give information to the registrar by giving a written declaration signed by the registered medical practitioner/midwife during the birth treatment and check the body of the baby and verify it is stillborn.

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How To Apply Birth Certificate Registration?

The applicant is required to go to any National Registration Department counter with the required documents.

Online Application :

Application Form Normal Registration Of Birth
Registration of Birth – JPN.LM01 :

Required Documents: (Originals And Copies)
Child’S Documents (Originals And Copies)
**Birth registration form JPN.LM01 that is completed;
**Confirmation of birth form from the hospital or certification of home birth from the midwife/doctor (original);
**Prenatal card (maternity examination book) (original and copy)

Parents’ Documents (Originals And Copies)
**Identity cards or entry permits or passports of the parents and the person reporting the birth (originals and copies);
**Death Certificate of mother and father of the child (original and copy if applicable)
**Marriage or divorce certificate (originals and copies)

Informant’S Document (Original And Copy)
**Identity card or entry permit or passport (original and copy)

Note : The online forms are to be used reference only. The may not be printed and used for transaction purposes. For transactions, please use the original forms.

Application Condition

Application for registration of a child may be submitted by the following persons:
** Parent;
** Legal guardian;
** Person having knowledge of the birth
** The mother and father of the child (for the registration of births illegitimate child)

Payment : No charge.

Reason For Application

Normal registration of birth refers to registration that is made within 60 days of the birth of a child in Malaysia.

Mother/father intends to change the name of the child on the birth certificate:
The name on the birth certificate of a child who has not attained one (1) year of age may be amended or altered through an application for amendment of particulars.

A child has no birth certificate despite being more than 60 days old and was born in Peninsular Malaysia:
The mother/ father or legal guardian has proof that the birth of the child actually took place in Peninsular Malaysia may make an application for late registration of birth at any NRD counter nearby within Peninsular Malaysia.

Further Inquiries

For any other queries, please submit them via e-Enquiry (NRD SISPAA) at
Please call:
Customer Service Officer
Phone : 03-80008000
Faxs : 03-88808288
Email ( [AT] : pro

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