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Brussels Municipal Administrative Sanction Application

Organisation : City Of Brussels
Facility Name : Municipal Administrative Sanction Application
City : Brussels
Country : Belgium
Website :

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What is Municipal Administrative Sanction?

Since 1999, municipalities may punish uncivic behavior immediately thanks to the system of administrative penalties: illegal dumping, nuisance by neighbors, graffiti, dog shit… The system relieves the courts and the prosecution and ensures an effective sanction. The amount of this municipal administrative sanction, if it is a fine, shall not exceed 350 euros (and 175 euros if the person was a minor at the time of the events).

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How To Apply Municipal Administrative Sanction?

To Apply Brussels Municipal Administrative Sanction, Follow the steps given below
Step 1: Go to the link
Step 2: Enter Introduisez votre numéro de dossier
Step 3: Enter Introduisez votre numéro de PV ou de constat
Step 4: Enter Plaque d’immatriculation
Step 5: Click on Suivant

Contesting A Municipal Administrative Sanction

The Contesting A Municipal Administrative Sanction are given below,
** You do not agree with your fine and you have arguments to be able to challenge it? You can dispute the infringement via the online form.
** Note the legal deadline (the number of calendar days after receipt of the letter from the City to submit a dispute).
** This is stated in the letter in the next paragraph: you want to contest the infringement. It’s 15 or 30 days, depending on the type of violation.
** Include evidence you find useful. Not as a Word or PDF document, a text field is provided.
** You can also ask a question about the payment conditions for your fine in section 3. Add your request of the web form and attach any attachments.
** After you have completed the online form, you will receive a copy of your dispute by e-mail.

Types of Municipal Administrative Sanction

Three types of behavior are punished by an administrative sanction

1. Incivilities (breaches of the General Police Regulations):
Is considered a nuisance, behavior such as:
** urinating on public roads
** throwing paper on public roads
** spitting on public roads
** taking out garbage bags outside the authorized hours
** noise
** certain forms of theft
** private occupation of the public road
** some activities on public roads without a license

The City has a period of six months to deal with these files and whether or not to impose a fine on the offender.
In certain cases, the penalty may be replaced by a mediation.

2. Infractions linked to an establishment (infringements of the municipal regulations):
Problematic behavior that can be attributed to establishments:
** opening an establishment without the administrative file being in order
** running an unlicensed terrace
** not respecting the dimensions of the terrace
** peddling
** noise

** The City has a period of six months to deal with these files and whether or not to impose a fine on the offender.
** In certain cases, the fine can be replaced with the suspension or revocation of the license or the closure of an establishment.

3. Traffic offences (stopping and parking):
** Since 1 March 2015, the City is authorized to impose penalties in case of non-respect of certain laws of the Highway Code relating to stopping and parking.
** These violations are subject to fines that are determined by the Royal Decree of 9 March 2014 on municipal administrative sanctions for offenses concerning parking and the C3 and F103 traffic signs, determined by automatic devices.

Payment of Municipal Administrative Sanction

The Payment Terms of Municipal Administrative Sanction are given below,
** You have received a payment reminder or other letter in which the payment of the fine is demanded or you want a payment arrangement or you have a question.
** You have been fined because you have committed an offense in connection with standing still or parking, a nuisance offense or it concerns your establishment.
** You have 30 days from our letter to make your payment.
** All information required for the payment can be found on the first page of our letter.
** You have received a payment reminder. You have 30 days to pay from the reminder letter.
** At this stage of the procedure you can no longer contest the fine, it is final.
** If the payment is not made, your file will be sent to a bailiff for collection and the costs of this procedure, plus the costs of sending a registered letter, will be charged to you.
** You have received a payment reminder but you have paid your fine or you have made your payment and our letters have crossed send us a proof of payment by e-mail or use the online form.
** If you would like to request staggered payments and pay your fine over several months, please contact us by e-mail or via the online form.
** In the event of late payment, the debt becomes immediately due and payable without notice of default.

Mediation of Municipal Administrative Sanction

In parallel with the administrative penalties, there is a mediation service which intervenes when the infringement was caused by two people having a conflict. The officer can then decide whether or not to give an administrative fine. For minors between 16 and 18 years, the mediation is mandatory.

Municipal Administrative Sanction (SAC) Mediation
Rue de l’Eclusier Cogge 18
1000 Brussels

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