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Application For Canadian Citizenship Certificate :

Organisation : Government Of Canada
Facility Name : Apply For A Canadian Citizenship Certificate
Country : Canada
Website :

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How To Apply Canadian Citizenship Certificate?

To Apply For A Canadian Citizenship Certificate, the procedure are given below

1. Online
Step 1: Go to the above link.
Step 2: Click on Apply Online
Step 3: What would you like to do?
Step 4: Who are you applying for?
Step 5: Where were you born?
Step 6: Click on Contine

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2. Apply on paper
1. Get the application package
The package includes the instruction guide, forms and document checklist.
You must:
**download and print the checklist and the forms
**fill out all the forms
**include all documents listed in the document checklist

If your documents aren’t in English or French, you’ll need:
**colour copies that are clear and easy-to-read
**a translation of the documents
**a sworn statement (affidavit) from the person who did the translation (we don’t accept translations by family members)

2. Pay the application fee

You can pay your fees online.
**Methods of payment depend on where you’re applying from.
**If you’re submitting more than one application at the same time, you can pay all the fees together.
**You cannot get a refund once we start processing your application.

3. Submit the application
Answer the following question to find out where to submit your application.

After Processing Your application

1. If you applied online

After you submit your online application, you’ll see a confirmation page.
** confirms you successfully submitted your application
** has a confirmation number. Keep it for your records.

After we check that your application is complete, we’ll send you
** an acknowledgement of receipt (AOR) letter in your online account and
** your unique client identifier (UCI) (opens in a new tab)

Incomplete online application
**If your online application is incomplete, you’ll get a message in your online account.
**Update your online application

Keep your application up to date to avoid delays.
** If we need more documents from you, we’ll send a message in your account asking you to submit them (opens in a new tab) through your online account.
** If you need to send documents we didn’t ask for, use the web form (opens in a new tab) .
** Let us know if you change your address (opens in a new tab) .

If you need urgent processing
Check the status of your online application
**Sign in to your online account (opens in a new tab) to check your application status.
**Withdrawing your application
**You may withdraw (cancel) your application (opens in a new tab) . If you do, you may be eligible for a refund (opens in a new tab) .

Final decision:
If you are a Canadian citizen and we approve your application, you’ll get a citizenship certificate.
** If there’s a mistake on the certificate, find out how to fix it (opens in a new tab) .
** Find out when to contact us (opens in a new tab) if we informed you that we’ve mailed your certificate, but you still haven’t received it.

If you’re not a Canadian citizen, we’ll send you a refusal letter. Your fee will not be refunded.
**Receiving your certificate or refusal letter
**Applying from Canada or the United States
**We’ll mail your certificate or refusal letter to your mailing address in Canada or the United States.
**Applying from outside Canada and the United States
**We’ll mail your certificate or refusal letter to the embassy, high commission or consulate you chose in your application.


You should apply if you want to:
**pass down your Canadian citizenship to your child who was born outside Canada
**provide a document that proves your Canadian citizenship (such as to apply for a passport, job, pension, social insurance number, etc.)
**make sure that you’re a Canadian citizen
**replace a lost, destroyed or stolen certificate
**update your certificate, such as when you get a legal name change

Fees & Processing time of Canadian Citizenship Certificate

The Fees & Processing time of Canadian Citizenship Certificate are given below,
Proof of citizenship (citizenship certificate): $75
Processing time: 17 months

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