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Apply Order Tax Certificate Switzerland

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Organisation : Swiss Life AG
Facility Name : Apply Order Tax Certificate
Country : Switzerland
Website :

How To Apply Order Tax Certificate?

To Apply Order Tax Certificate, Follow the below steps

Step 1: Go to the above link
Step 2: Enter your Personal details
Step 3: Enter you would like to order the tax documents for following contracts
Step 4: Cllick on Send button

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Liability To Income Tax

The Liability To Income Tax are given below,
**A person’s liability to Swiss tax is determined by their residence status.
**Residence is defined as the place where a person stays with the intention of settling permanently and which therefore provides the center of personal and business interests. A person will also be considered resident if they remain in Switzerland for a continuous period of more than 90 days (without gainful activity) or 30 days (with gainful activity such as employment) in a calendar year. In practice, however, it is likely that most business travelers to Switzerland will be considered as non-residents or treaty exempt.
**For non-residents, the income relating to Swiss duties is, in most cases, subject to a withholding tax (except where an exemption from withholding tax was filed).
**The withholding tax is calculated monthly based on the gross monthly salary (including any benefits) with the actual rate determined by the level of income, marital status, number of dependents, canton and – if applicable – church tax. Each of Switzerland’s 26 cantons has a different withholding tax tariff. For business travelers to Switzerland, the withholding tax tariff of the canton where the business traveler registered with the authorities, or the canton where the (economic) employer is based, is normally applicable.
**Individuals living in countries/jurisdictions bordering Switzerland may be taxed differently under special tax treaty provisions applicable to cross-border workers (Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Liechtenstein). Each situation would have to be looked at individually.

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About Swiss Life

Swiss Life is the number one provider of comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions. 1.4 million private customers and over 40 000 companies trust in our experience for their provisions, experience gathered over more than 160 years.

FAQ on Order Tax Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ on Order Tax Certificate are given below,
1. What is the purpose of tax residency certificate?
TRC is required to confirm which country you are a tax resident of. This may be essential when you have incomes from more than one country. While you may be tax resident of one of them, your income may be taxable in both the countries due to their respective domestic laws.

2. What if tax residency certificate is not available?
If the TRC is not produced by the non-resident, he would not be able to apply beneficial provisions of the Treaty, if any and the Indian Company will have to apply the provisions of domestic Income Tax Act on that payment and withhold the tax accordingly.

3. What is the validity of TRC?
A TRC is typically valid for one financial year and no other document in lieu of TRC is considered for availing DTAA benefits. Therefore, it is mandatory to submit TRC every year in order to avail DTAA benefit without any hassles.

Address of Swiss Life

Swiss Life AG
General-Guisan-Quai 40
CH-8022 Zurich

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