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Apply To Academy Univ Tlemcen Project Algeria

Organisation : Academy Univ Tlemcen
Facility Name : Apply To Academy Project
Country : Algeria
Website :

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How To Apply Academy Project?

To Apply Academy Project, Follow the below steps

Step 1: Go to the above link
Step 2: Enter User name & password
Step 3: Click on sign in button
Step 4: Attach Required Documents

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Required documents For Academy Project

The Required documents For Academy Project are given below,
**Passport size photo (mandatory for all types of scholarships).
**Video (optional).
**Formal National Identity Document (mandatory for all types of scholarships)
**Passport (optional when a formal identity document has been uploaded).
**Certificate(s) proving the previously obtained degree(s) (mandatory for Master mobility, PhD mobility, and Staff mobility)
**Transcript of Records (mandatory for Master mobility and PhD mobility)
Important: The Transcript of Records is the one of the course the students are currently enrolled.
**All submitted documents must be translated and certified in English and French
**Statement of the Home Institution with a brief description of the applicant’s main activity (mandatory for Academic and Administrative Staff)
**Statement of support from the Home Institution (mandatory for Target Group 1, TG1) This document must be issued by a Professor or by the respective academic department of the applicant.
**Statement issued by the Home Institution confirming the applicant’s registration in the degree course (mandatory for Master mobility and PhD mobility).
**Proof of language proficiency (mandatory for all types of scholarships)
**Declaration of Honour from the applicant (mandatory for all types of mobility). The document is available in the application form for downloading). This document must be dated and signed
**Document that specifically proves your actual status of physical disability (if applicable).
**Document that specifically proves your vulnerable socio-economic situation (if applicable).
**Motivation Letter
**Other documents relevant for the application that you may consider.

Selection Process of Academy Project

The Selection Process of Academy Project are given below,

**Academic merit.
**Motivation for the mobility period.
**Language skills.
**Research Project (for Master and PhD).
**Research/Teaching/Working Plan (for Academic and Administrative Staff).
**Scientific Production/Previous experience (for Academic and Administrative staff).

In addition to these academic criteria, the following administrative criteria will be taken into account:
**Relevance of the mobility for both the host university and the home university.
**Equal geographic representation of the partner universities in the mobility scheme.
**Equity considerations for designated groups (Female, candidates with disabilities or in social/political vulnerable situation, …).

What is ACADEMY?

The African Trans-Regional Cooperation through Academic Mobility (ACADEMY) project is designed to provide resources and
opportunities for student and staff mobility from four regions of Africa, offering support for Masters, Doctoral and short research,
teaching and administrative visits between the consortium partners.

Which are the members of the ACADEMY consortium?

The partners in ACADEMY consortium are :
**Université de Tlemcen (Coordinator), Algeria
**University of Cape Coast (Partner), Ghana
**Kenyatta University (Partner), Kenya
**University of Ibadan (Partner), Nigeria
**University of KwaZulu-Natal (Partner), South Africa.
**Universidade do Porto (Technical Partner), Portugal
**Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique (Associate Partner), Algeria
**Pan African University for Water and Energy Sciences (Associate Partner), Algeria

What does ACADEMY offer?

The African Trans-Regional Cooperation through Academic Mobility (ACADEMY) Programme will offer a total of 109 mobility
opportunities: 65 at Masters level, 26 at Doctorate level and 18 staff mobility opportunities.
The available scholarships are:

1. Master
Degree-seeking mobility : 20 months
Credit-seeking mobility : 6 to 10 months
Monthly subsistence allowance : 600 Euros

2. PhD
Degree-seeking mobility : 36 months
Credit-seeking mobility : 6 to 10 months
Monthly subsistence allowance : 900 Euros

3. Academic and Administrative Staff
Mobility : 1 to 3 months
Monthly subsistence allowance : 1200 Euros

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