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Apply Certificate of Incorporation Tanzania :

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Organisation : Tanzania Invesment Center
Facility Name: Apply Certificate of Incorporation
Country : Tanzania
Website :

How To Apply Certificate of Incorporation?

To Apply Certificate of Incorporation, Follow the below steps

Step 1: Go To the link
Step 2: Enter Your Nationality
Step 3: Enter Your Date of birth
Step 4: Enter Your National ID
Step 5: Enter Your First Name
Step 6: Enter Your Last Name
Step 7: Enter Your Gender
Step 8: Enter Your Mobile telephone No
Step 9: Enter Your E-mail Address
Step 10: Enter Your Password
Step 11: Enter Your Repeat password
Step 12: Enter Your Captcha
Step 13: Click on Submit button

Note : Please fill a user account request form and click button [Submit]. An email with activation link and login details will be send to the email indicated in a form shortly. Follow instructions indicated in the email to register your user account for ORS system.

Requirements Documents

1.Libre deuda de patente
Signed BRELA Consolidated form (original)
2. Signed ethics and integrity pledge form
Signed ethics and integrity pledge form (original)
3. Libre deuda de patente
Notarized declaration of compliance (form14b) (original)
4. Libre deuda de patente
Notarized memorandum and articles of association (2 original + 2 authentic copies)

Additional information:
The number of Memorandum and Articles of Association is determined by the customer. However one copy remains at BRELA and a customer is allowed to make a photocopy.

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Need of Incorporation Certificate

Incorporation Certificate is used to Start a business
Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) is responsible for business registration in Tanzania. BRELA issues certificates of compliance for foreign companies, certificates of incorporation for local companies, certificates of registration for single proprietorship and Business License for all businesses. Registration for companies and application for business licenses are done through an online system at

** Register a local company
** Register a foreign company
** Register individual enterprise
** Local company full procedure
** Foreign company full procedure

Start a local company
Obtain Certificate of incorporation:
Local company is a company incorporated in Tanzania regardless of whether shareholders are Tanzanians or are foreigners. Number of shares is determined by shareholders themselves. Click above heading to see steps.

TIN for Individual with NIDA ID:
Every shareholder of the company must register for Tax payer Identification number with Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and obtain TIN Certificate. Registration of TIN for individuals is done through an online system

Company TIN number:
After obtaining Certificate of Incorporation, the new company must register with Tax payer Identification Number (TIN). TIN registration for companies is done at TRA district office near the business location. In addition, each shareholder and director must register with TIN to be able to pay taxes. The application process for individual TIN is done online.

Tax clearance certificate:
All businesses that are to obtain a license are required to apply for a tax clearance certificate from the respective Tax region under which the business is registered. The application for a tax clearance certificate should be in writing with proof showing compliance for all taxes by the applicant of the tax clearance certificate.

Business license:
**Business Licence is a legal document issued by government agencies that grants the user the right to operate any form of trade, commerce, craftsmanship or specified profession carried on for profit or gain (business) within government’s geographical jurisdiction.
**Any businesses line in Tanzania should obtain its own business licence from the Government agency mandated to issue Business Licence.
**Under general licenses there are two categories namely, Schedule “A” and Schedule ‘B’ business licence. Schedule A license is issued to companies with business of national and international nature while Schedule B issued to business of local nature.

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