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Licences & Certificates New Zealand :

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Organisation : Ministry of Justice
Facility Name : Licences & Certificates
Country : New Zealand
Website :

How To Apply Licences & certificates?

To Apply Licences & certificates are given below,

1. Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority
Step 1: Go to the link
Step 2: Enter Applicant Name
Step 3: Enter Application Type
Step 4: Enter Status
Step 5: Click on Search button

2. Licensing Authority of Second-hand Dealers & Pawnbrokers : Application Form

3. Brothel operator certification : Application Form

Available Licences & certificates

1. Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority

To work as – or own a company doing – private security or investigation work you need to apply to the Authority for a licence or certificate first.
Apply for a licence or certificate online
When you apply online you can only pay with Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards.

2. Licensing Authority of Second-hand Dealers & Pawnbrokers

Second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers can apply to the Authority for a licence or certificate to do business.

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Important information:
Where the company has a sole director, that director must also apply for a certificate (unless they already hold a certificate) at the time of making this application for a company licence. All personal information provided to the LASDP will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

3. Brothel operator certification

**Anyone who wants to run a prostitution business must hold a valid brothel operator certificate or they could be fined.
**This is not a tribunal or authority process – it’s done through Auckland District Court.

People who need a brothel operator certificate:

An operator is a person who, whether alone or with others, owns, operates, controls or manages the business.

This includes:
**every director of a company that owns a prostitution business
**someone who decides:
**when or where a sex worker will work, or
**the conditions in which a sex worker will work, or
**the amount of money that a sex worker is paid
**a person who employs, supervises or directs any person who does any of the things referred to above.

To be given an operator’s certificate, you must be:
1. Over the age of 18, and
2. A New Zealand or Australian citizen, or have permanent residency for New Zealand or Australia.

People who can’t get a brothel operator certificate:
1. A person in New Zealand who has a temporary or a limited purposes permit is not allowed to run a prostitution business or provide commercial sexual services.
2. Small owner-operated brothels don’t usually have an operator who should have a certificate. A small owner-operated brothel has no more than 4 sex workers and each sex worker is in control of their earnings from the brothel.

4. Alcohol Regulatory & Licensing Authority

The Authority doesn’t issue alcohol licences and manager certificates but you can appeal to the Authority if you’re not happy with a district licensing committee decision.

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