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CAA Renew Your Medical Certificate New Zealand :

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Organisation : Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
Facility Name : Renew Your Medical Certificate
Country : New Zealand
Website :

How To Renew Your Medical Certificate?

To Renew Your Medical Certificate, Follow the below steps

Step 1: Pay online
You must pay before your examination.
** Nominate a CAA medical examiner.
** Have your CAA participant number handy.
** Payment can be made by Mastercard, Visa, or internet banking.
** Note the receipt number for the next step.

Step 2: Book appointment
** You’ll need to choose a medical examiner and book with them.
** They’ll need your receipt number from step 1.
** NZ Medical Examiners
** Overseas Medical Examiners

Step 3: Fill in form
Fill in most of the form before the appointment.
** Your examiner may have their own version of the form, they will tell you about this when you book.
** Remember, Page 4 of the application form must be completed at the time of the examination.

Application For Medical Certification

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Completing The Application & Getting Results
** The details for what you need to do next will vary depending on the Medical Examiner you have chosen and what tests are required.
** Your Medical Examiner will complete a Medical Assessment Report that will inform you whether you are eligible for a medical certificate.
** If not eligible, you may, within 20 working days, ask the convener in writing to review the decision.

Aviation Medical Convener review

Medical certification

** We provide quality assurance of the New Zealand aviation medical certification system, from providing advice to the Director and the Ministry of Transport, to developing policy, appointing medical examiners, monitoring enforcement, assessing appeals, and answering inquiries.
** We also make clinical and regulatory decisions about medical privileges, and are responsible for maintaining our aviation medical records.

Medical Certificate Application Fee

** The medical certificate application fee is $120.75 (including GST). It’s payable at the time of each application, from 01 July 2017. The fee must be paid at the time of the application and before a medical examination takes place.
** The fee can be paid online via our online payment system(external link) or by making a manual payment.
** Once payment is completed, email notifications will be sent to the email address provided, the CAA medical unit, and your medical examiner, if chosen. The notification will confirm that payment has been made and will note the CAA receipt number. This email will need to be provided to your medical examiner at the time of application.

Note: The medical certificate application fee is in addition to what medical examiners charge. The fee reflects the cost associated with processing your application.

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