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Royal Oman Police Visa Application Status :

Organisation : Royal Oman Police
Facility Name : Track Visa Application Status
Country : Oman
Website :

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How To Track Visa Application Status In Oman?

To track Visa Application Status, follow the below steps

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter the Visa Application Number
Step-3 : Enter the Travel Document Number
Step-4 : Select the Document’s Nationality
Step-5 : Enter the Text Verification
Step-6 : Click on Search button

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FAQ On Oman Visa

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Oman Visa

How does the visa be reprinted after approval?
1. Login to the account on the website.
2. Search for a visa application.
3. Fill at least one field (travel document number).
4. Click “view visa details” button then “generate PDF” button.

How the visa application and the payment receipt reprinted?
After successfully Applying and paying for your Visa, a copy of the Visa application and the payment receipt is sent to the registered e-mail (in which your visa has been applied from), and if needed you can print it from there.

What types of visas are available on the eVisa system?
1. Unsponsored tourist visa.
2. Sponsored tourist visa.
3. Tourist visa for GCC residents.
4. Express visa.

How long is the visa valid before use?
1. One month for Unsponsored.
2. Three months for sponsored tourist visa.
3. One month for express visa.

How to re-apply when requesting more information?
1. Login to the account on the website.
2. Go to the Visa Application Inquiry.
3. Choose the request you want to modify and add the data.
4. Then add a comment and resubmit.

How long does it take to get an e-Visa?
Once the application is submitted with the complete information, it will be processed within the shortest possible time. However, it is recommended to lodge your Visa Application at least 4 days in advance as processing times might vary based on each Visa Application.

How can a tourist travelling by road get a visa at the land border post?
Applicants must apply for a tourist visa via the visa website then enter Oman by any legal boarders.

Is the visa available at Oman’s border posts with the UAE by paper application form?
eVisa is your gateway to obtaining your visa and entering Oman, and this is to ensure you wouldn’t face issues or delays when arriving to the Sultanate. However, especially in this early stage, the paper application form will also be available for exceptional cases.

Contact Oman Visa

Inside Sultanate of Oman on the toll free number:80080011
Outside of Sultanate of Oman: +968 22848200
Office Hours: 07:00 – 21:00 (+4 GMT)
Email : Info-OmaneVisa AT

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