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Danish Health Authority Corona Passport :

Organisation : Danish Health Authority
Facility Name : Danish Corona Passport
Country : Denmark
Website :

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What is Danish Corona Passport?

The Danish corona passport is valid as an EU Digital COVID Certificate, which all EU and Schengen countries accept as documentation of vaccination, negative test results or previous infection. You can use the Danish corona passport app or the printed corona passport from as a valid European corona passport when travelling.

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How To Get Danish Corona Passport?

You can get a Danish corona passport if you have been vaccinated, if you have been infected within the past five months or if you have tested negative for COVID-19 with a PCR test within the last 72 hours or a rapid antigen within the last 48 hours.

When vaccinated, corona passports for people over the age of 18 will be valid for five months after the second vaccine. The corona passport becomes valid without a time limit after the third vaccine.

You can get a corona passport by using the corona passport app, which is activated using NemID or MitID via the Danish Health Authority’s MinSundhed app, or as a printed document. If you use a printed corona passport, you must remember to carry valid ID such as a passport, driver’s licence, health card or other publicly issued identity cards.

FAQs On Danish Corona Passport

General questions about the Danish corona passport

Where is a corona passport required?
Corona passport is no longer required in Denmark. However, public hospitals, nursing homes and social services may require corona passport when visiting.

Private organizations/cultural institutions and companies are allowed to require that guests, customers and employees present a negative test or must wear a face mask/visor. The requirements must not be discriminatory.

Corona passport can also be a requirement when you travel. Each country has different requirements for corona passes, and it is therefore important that you familiarize yourself with the country’s rules before departure.

Do children need a corona passport?
There are no requirements for the corona passport in Denmark. However, if you intend to take a trip abroad, it is important to check the COVID-19 rules in effect for the destinations in question, including the specific rules that apply to children. For trips abroad, parents can use the self-print solution on for their children in addition to other test documentation if this is required by the country in question.

Note: A negative self-test does not provide a valid corona passport.

How can I prove that I have a valid corona passport?
You can prove that you have a valid corona passport using the corona passport app. You will still be able to show valid corona passports from MinSundhed and, as well as negative test results from private providers of rapid antigen tests.

Does ID have to be presented along with a valid corona passport?
It depends on how you show your valid corona passport. If you use the corona passport app or the app MinSundhed, there is no requirement to present ID. This is because there are moving elements in the two apps that minimize the risk of fraud.

On the other hand, you must present ID if you use, a printed corona passport, or documentation issued by private providers of rapid antigen tests (RAT). The purpose of this is to minimize the risk of passport fraud.

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