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Organisation : Ministry of Health (MOH)
Fadcility Name : Request For Smart Vaccination Certificate
Country : Sri Lanka
Website :

MOH Sri Lanka Smart Vaccination Certificate

Smart Vaccination Certificate is issued ONLY for foreign travels Certificate issuing process may take up to 21 days due to high number of requests. You may contact your MOH office if you need the certificate urgently. Only one request can be submitted per NIC/Passport

How To Request For MOH Smart Vaccination Certificate?

Just follow then simple steps mentioned below to request for MOH Srilanka Smart Vaccination Certificate.

Step-1 : Go to the link

Step-2 : Enter the following details
** Full Name (as mentioned in the passport)
** Permanent Address
** District of Residence
** National Identity Card Number (Passport Number for Non-Sri Lankan Citizens)
** Passport Number
** Mobile Phone Number (Format: 07XXXXXXXX)
** Email Address
** Date of Departure

Step-3 : Upload the following documents
** Photo of Passport (Valid formats: jpg, png & Maximum size 1 MB)
** Document to prove the date of traveling (Valid formats: jpg, png & Maximum size 1 MB)
** Photo of NIC (Valid formats: jpg, png & Maximum size 1 MB)
** Photo of NIC (Valid formats: jpg, png & Maximum size 1 MB)
** Photo of Vaccination Card (Valid formats: jpg, & Maximum size 1 MB)
** Photo of Vaccination Card (Valid formats: jpg, png & Maximum size 1 MB)

Step-4 : Type Special Notes if any
Step-5 : Click on Submit button

FAQs On COVID-19 Vaccine

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs On COVID-19 Vaccine

1.Why should I get vaccinated against COVID-19?
** COVID-19 vaccines are reliably known to be very effective in preventing deaths, serious complications resulting from COVID and hospitalization due to COVID.
** Thus, it is extremely important that all persons eligible for vaccination get vaccinated at the earliest possible, as the main goal of vaccination is to greatly reduce deaths, disabilities and serious complications resulting from COVID-19.
** Then, even if you do get infected with COVID after vaccination, it is very likely that you will only get mild disease symptoms or even have no manifestations of disease.

2. Where can people access the vaccine and is it free?
Government offers COVID-19 vaccines free for everyone in Sri Lanka. You can get the vaccine available in your area from field clinics conducted by your Medical Officer of Health Office team, main hospitals in the area and walk in clinics conducted by Tri-forces and Police. Be vigilant as to when and where vaccination is conducted in your area

3. Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as other vaccines?
You usually need two weeks between COVID vaccination and any other vaccine.

4. When there is more than one vaccine, which vaccine should I take?
You should take the vaccine that your area is offered at the very first instance. All vaccines currently used in the Sri Lankan vaccination campaign have been demonstrated to be safe, effective and to be manufactured with high quality.

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We are fortunate to have access to the vaccine, at a time when the majority of people around the world have no way of getting any vaccine at all. When a vaccine is made available to you in your area of residence, that is the vaccine you should take and the best vaccine for you.

The priority and need of the hour is to ensure you are protected against death and severe disease from COVID, at the earliest possible. All COVID vaccines used in Sri Lanka give you this protection.

5. What is the best vaccine against COVID-19?
** All vaccines used in Sri Lanka are very effective in greatly reducing deaths, complications and serious illness arising from COVID-19. Thus, there is no best vaccine, when we consider the main goal of vaccination, which is reducing death, disability and serious disease.

** Although different vaccines have different efficacy rates, these vaccines and efficacy rates cannot be compared, as the efficacies have been studied for different criteria.

** However, we can definitely say that all vaccines are greatly effective in preventing deaths and serious complications due to COVID. So, the vaccine available to you right now is the best vaccine for you.

6. Can I choose which vaccine to get?
The Government of Sri Lanka will offer you which ever vaccine has been made available to your area, at the time you walk in to the vaccination center. It is not possible to choose one vaccine over another.

Currently available vaccines in Sri Lanka are delivered in two doses. Therefore, your second dose will need to be from the same brand of vaccine as the first (however, Pfizer can be offered as the 2nd dose to those who had the Covishield as the first dose in a situation of shortage of Covishield/ AstraZeneca).

7. Should I wait until a “better” vaccine is available or go ahead and get vaccinated now?
** Currently only a few vaccines have completed initial clinical trials and have received WHO approval for emergency use. All of these vaccines which have been approved offer a lot of protection against severe disease, hospitalization and death.

** It is most important that prioritized and risk groups (eg- health workers, frontline workers, the elderly, those with chronic diseases and others who have been prioritized), get their vaccines immediately to safeguard themselves from severe disease and death, without waiting for a vaccine of their choice which they may perceive to be better.

** With rising COVID case numbers and deaths, it is critically important that everyone gets vaccinated as soon as possible, without waiting even a day longer for a vaccine of their choice. Getting the currently available vaccine, as soon as it is offered to you, is your best chance of ensuring your health and safety against COVID-19.

8. Are there any side effects from vaccines?
** Like any medicine, vaccines can cause mild side effects, such as a low-grade fever, or pain or redness at the injection site.
** Mild reactions go away or get less within a few days (usually 2 days) on their own, but you can take Paracetamol in the recommended dose for these mild discomforts, if they do arise. Only some people will get these side effects also.
** Severe or long-lasting side effects are extremely rare. Vaccines are continually monitored for safety, to detect rare adverse events.

9. If I don’t have any side effects does that mean that the vaccine will work less effectively for me?
No. Effectiveness of the vaccine and the immunity you have after vaccination is not determined by whether you have any side effects or not. Irrespective of having mild side effects or not, you will get high protection from any vaccine you get.

10. Can COVID vaccines causes infertility or any issues related to the reproductive system?
No, COVID vaccines do not cause infertility. This is a rumor related to many different vaccines and there is no truth to this at all. No vaccine currently used causes infertility or lowers fertility in either sex.

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