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Organisation : Government of Israel
Facility Name : Claim Unemployment Benefit
Country : Israel
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Claim Unemployment Benefit Israel

Use this service to claim unemployment benefit pay.

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Who Can Claim?

You can claim unemployment benefit pay if you meet all the following criteria
** You are an Israeli citizen.
** You were previously employed.

** You are registered at the Israeli Employment Service as unemployed.
** You report to the Israeli Employment Service to seek employment at the time of making the claim and receiving the benefit.

What You Need?

** A severance letter from your previous employer stating the date when your employment ended and reasons, such as, dismissal, resignation, maternity leave, pension.

** A period of employment confirmation letter from the employer, or pay slips including the number of days you worked over 12 months of the last 18 month period. Yust must bring your pay slip for the last month that you
worked, even if you didn’t work for a full month.

** If you don’t have your last pay slip yet, you must bring it to the National Insurance Institute as soon as you receive it.
** If you are registered for professional training, you must bring confirmation from the Israeli Employment Service.

** In some cases, the attending clerk will request pay slips and a period of employment confirmation letter from the employer if there is important information missing from your claim.


The service is free of charge.

How To Apply?

Submit the form together with the required documents online.
** You must register at the Israeli Employment Service, immediately when you leave your job. If you do not register, you may lose your right to claim unemployment benefit pay.

** You must submit your claim for unemployment benefit pay within 12 months of registering at the Israeli Employment Service.

Guidelines for attaching documents :
** The maximum individual document size is 500 KB.
** The maximum total size of all attachments is 10 MB.
** Scanned documents must be in black and white and at a maximum resolution of 300 DPI.

Notes :
** If you resigned from your job without justified cause you will be entitled to receive the unemployment pay 90 days from your last day of work.

** If you refuse to accept any jobs or to participate in professional training offered you by the Israeli Employment Service, you will receive the unemployment benefit 90 days from the day of refusal and your benefit will be shortened by 30 days.

** This service and forms are provided in Hebrew. If you don’t speak Hebrew seeking assistance from a Hebrew speaker is recommended.

If there is any difference or conflict between the information on this page and the law, the provisions of the law will apply.

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