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Organisation : Government of Israel
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Renew Your Driver’s License Israel

Here you can pay to renew your driver’s license and find information on renewing it. When you pay online, by phone or at a self service stand, you’ll get the temporary license immediately by email.

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Note :
You no longer need to carry your driver’s license and vehicle license while driving if you have your Isreali ID or passport on you, and insurance certificates and any appendices to the driver’s license, pursuant to Regulation 9 of the Traffic Regulations

How to Renew?

1. Getting a payment voucher & temporary license :
About a month before your driver’s license expires, you’ll get a driver’s license payment voucher in the post.

If you didn’t get the payment voucher you can find out why:
** by calling Rishuy Kol on *5678
** in person at a licensing office – you’ll need your ID card
** at a Rishumat self service stand
** at the post office

2. Pay the license renewal fee :
** Pay the driver’s license fee online or see More ways to pay for your driver’s license below
** When you pay online, by phone or at a self service stand (Rishumat) you’ll be emailed your temporary license to print on any printer

** If you need to change your first name or change your last name on your driver’s license, you’ll need to register your name with the Population Authority before you pay for the new driver’s license

** You cannot use a receipt of payment as a driver’s license, only the temporary license that you got by email or post, after you’ve paid

3. Get your photo taken :
If you see a note on your payment voucher telling you that you need a photo for your license, go to a photo station to get your photo taken.

** You’ll need to pay for your license first
** There’s no extra cost for the photo
** You’ll need to bring your temporary driver’s license to the photo station
** Your photo will be saved to the Ministry of Transport’s database

4. Getting your permanent driver’s license :
** You’ll get your permanent driver’s license in the post
** It’ll arrive about a month after you pay
** It’ll include your photo

5. Get a health checkup if you’re over 60 :
If you’re over 60 and drive for a living, or over 70
** you’ll probably need to get health and eyesight checkups
** you’ll get a health form in the post about 6 months before your license expires
** after you’ve got the health and eyesight checkups, submit the results on the health form and any additional documents to the licensing bureau.

You can submit your checkup results:
** online
** by post to:
The Licensing Division,
Update and Control Department,
P.O Box 270,
Holon 5810201
** in person at a licensing office

Check the driver’s license level table to find out if you need health checkups
If you haven’t received a health form, and think you need one, you can:
** call *5678 or 03-9695678
** download the health form
** get one from your local licensing bureau

If your license is going to expire within about one month, and you haven’t got a reply regarding your health checkups, you can request a temporary license at a licensing office. It’ll be valid for 6 months.


** Private or two-wheeled vehicle driver’s license holders (Levels A1, A2, B, tractor)
** Heavy vehicle (over 3.5 tons), public vehicle, small public vehicle, drivers of children, security vehicle, motorcycle over 500 cc (Level A); certified driving instructor driver’s license holders

Driving License Renewal Cost :
You can check the cost to renew your license in driver’s license fees table.

VAT is not charged for most payments made to the state, so the state is not required to issue a tax receipt for them. You can apply to have your license renewal payment recognized, in accordance with the Income Tax Ordinance.

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