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Organization : Ministry of Health, Social Welfare, Elderly, Gender and Children Zanzibar
Facility : Book For Vaccination
Country : Tanzania
Website :

Book For Vaccination Tanzania

You can book and receive your test results as well as your FIT to FLY certificate electronically through this portal or our official apps (Android and iOS). You are not required to collect your certificate physically.

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How to Book?

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website through provided above.
Step 2 : Next, click on the “Book Now” button.

Step 3 : Choose whether you are local or foreigner
Step 4 : For citizens please enter Your Zanzibar ID
Step 5 : For Foreigner please enter Your Passport Number. Please Make Sure You have Added Correct ID Number

Step 6 : Click on the “Verify ID” button and fill the remaining details to complete your Vaccination Booking.


1. What are the working hours for all the centres?
The working hours for all the centers are displayed in the home page when you click the Availability button

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2. Where would i get my results from?
Your results will be shown in the view page but after completing the test and payment

3. What happens if i forgot to print/download application form after form submission?
You may either print/ download the application form after you submit the application or while previewing your application after submission

4. When will i get the Results?
Your Results will be out after 72 hours from the time you have completed the RT-PCR Test.

5. How Do I get my Results?
1. Go To the View Results
2. Enter Your Passport and captcha
3. In The View Page click Download Certificate

6. What are the benefits of getting vaccinated?
The COVID-19 vaccines produce protection against the disease, as a result of developing an immune response to the SARS-Cov-2 virus. Developing immunity through vaccination means there is a reduced risk of developing the illness and its consequences.

This immunity helps you fight the virus if exposed. Getting vaccinated may also protect people around you, because if you are protected from getting infected and from disease, you are less likely to infect someone else.

This is particularly important to protect people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19, such as healthcare providers, older or elderly adults, and people with other medical conditions.

7. What is vaccine efficacy?
Is the percentage reduction of disease in a vaccinated group of people compared to an unvaccinated group, using the most favorable conditions. It is best measured using double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trials

Vaccine effectiveness differs from vaccine efficacy in that vaccine effectiveness shows how well a vaccine works when they are always used and in a bigger population whereas vaccine efficacy shows how well a vaccine works in certain, often controlled, conditions. Vaccine efficacy studies are used to measure several possible outcomes such as disease attack rates, hospitalizations, medical visits and costs.

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