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Organisation : Government of Israel
Facility Name : Change Your Last Name
Country : Israel
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Change Your Last Name Israel

Use this service to change your last name in the population registry. You can change your family name only once every seven years.

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What You Need?

** Your ID card and appendix.
** Your Israeli passport (if you have been issued one).
** If you are married you must bring your spouse’s ID.

** If you are under 18 years old
i. A declaratory court order of the change of family name for children under 18 years old.
ii. Both parents’ ID cards and appendices.

** If you are making a family application, you must bring all passports and IDs belonging to all family members included in the application (parents and children).

How to Apply?

When you make changes to your name in the population registry, you will be issued a new biometric ID card and appendix and biometric passport.

All new passports and IDs issued are biometric.

** Print and fill in the Change of family name form.
** Make an appointment to apply in person at one of the Population and Immigration Authority offices to issue the new biometric documents.

** When issuing a new biometric document you will be asked a number of questions to authenticate your identity and you will be photographed and have your index fingers scanned.

** Your biometric information is saved to the Biometric Database Authority’s secure database in order to prevent forgeries and identity theft.
** After your fingerprints are scanned, if you do not wish them to be saved to the database you can opt out by not giving your consent.

** Submit the change of family name form in person, together with the required documents, at your scheduled appointment.
** Issue your biometric documents after correcting your date of birth.

Service Fee

** 115 NIS for individual applications
** If you are making a family application, children under 18 will receive the service for free and each parent will be charged 120 NIS.
** Soldiers and reservists in active duty receive a 50% discount.

We recommend checking the up-to-date fees table.

Notes :
** In some circumstances, you will need to present Israeli passports for all the family (for children over 16 years old).
** This service and forms are provided in Hebrew. If you don’t speak Hebrew seeking assistance from a Hebrew speaker is recommended.

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