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Kanta COVID-19 Certificate Finland

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Organization : Finnish Institute Health & Welfare
Facility : COVID-19 Certificate
Country : Finland
Website :

Kanta COVID-19 Certificate Finland

The EU’s Digital COVID-19 certificate contains three different certificates

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** A certificate for being vaccinated against COVID-19,
** a certificate of a negative test result and
** a certificate of having recovered from COVID-19.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate, which is available in the My Kanta Pages, will also include a test certificate and a certificate of recovery as of 14 July. The EU COVID-19 vaccination certificate has been available in the My Kanta Pages since 22 June.

How To Get Your Certificate?

Steps :
Step 1 : Log in to My Kanta Pages on the website with your own means of identification, such as online banking codes or mobile certificate.

Step 2 : Select ‘Koronatodistus’ (COVID-19 certificate) from the menu on the left-hand side. You will also find a link to the certificate section on the front page of My Kanta Pages.

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Step 3 : Click on the pdf link to open the COVID-19 certificate. If you have a certificate, it will open in a new tab.

Step 4 : Save the PDF file in your own phone or other device. That way you will have the certificate when you need it. You can also print the certificate on paper.


1. How soon after the COVID-19 test can I get the certificate from My Kanta pages?
Usually, the COVID-19 certificate is available within 24 hours of the test.

The COVID-19 certificate will be available in My Kanta Pages as soon as the test has been analysed and the test result has been entered correctly in the information system.

Healthcare professionals have been instructed to enter the test results without delay.

It must be noted that the test method and transporting the sample to the testing laboratory take longer especially with respect to PCR tests.

2. Can I choose the testing method myself in order to get a faster result?
Citizens cannot choose the testing method themselves. Each organisation carrying out the tests use certain testing methods and preparations.

Please note that the PCR test result is the only one that can produce a certificate of recovery.

Both PCR and rapid (antigen) tests are valid for producing a certificate based on a negative COVID-19 test result. However, the target country can decide which test results it will accept.

3. Can I get a COVID-19 certificate already after the first vaccination?
A certificate of COVID-19 vaccination can be provided after the first vaccination.

4. How do I get a test certificate for travelling?
COVID-19 tests for the purpose of travelling from Finland to abroad are carried out in private healthcare. These COVID-19 tests are subject to a fee. It is also possible to get the EU test certificate from My Kanta Pages when you have a COVID-19 test at a private clinic.

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