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MHLW How to Get Vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccination Navi provides tools to search COVID-19 vaccination venues as well as process of vaccination.


1. You will receive “Vaccination ticket (coupon)” and “Notice for COVID-19 vaccination.”

Before the vaccination becomes available in your area, your local government will send a “vaccination ticket (coupon)” and “Notice for COVID-19 Vaccination” to you.

The vaccines will be supplied as they become available, and the vaccination will be provided in a given order based on age and other factors. Please wait until the vaccine is available to you.

Note :
*The vaccination ticket is valid only for the vaccination of legal ticket holder. It is strictly prohibited to transfer the ticket to a third party, to allow a third party to use the ticket, to attempt such actions, or to use it for other purpose than vaccination.


2. Find available medical institutions and vaccination venues
When the vaccine is available, you can find a medical institution or a venue available for your vaccination from Search Vaccination Venue.

Check the reservation conditions of the medical institutions or the venue as well as available vaccines, and select a medical institution or venue.

3. Make a reservation by phone or the Internet
The details pages of the medical institutions or vaccination venues provide phone number for reservations or online reservation page. Check the available time slot and other information provided, and make a reservation.

First Vaccination

4. On the day of your reservation, receive a vaccination at the venue
** Please present your “vaccination ticket” (coupon) sent from your municipality and your ID (My Number Card, driver’s license, health insurance card, etc.) at the reception when you receive vaccination.

** Do not tear off the vaccination tickets. Please bring the entire sheet as is to the vaccination venue.
** Vaccination will be shot to your shoulder muscle. Please wear a clothes that is able to expose your shoulder such as a T-shirt.

You can receive the vaccination free of charge.

Second Vaccination

5. Make reservation for the second vaccination
** Follow the same procedure as the first vaccination to make reservation for the second vaccination.

** For the Pfizer vaccine, second vaccination will be provided after three weeks from the first vaccination. If you have exceeded this period, please receive the second vaccination as soon as possible.

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