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Organisation : Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)
Facility Name : Vaccine Card Download
Country : Bangladesh
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SUROKKHA Vaccine Card Download

You can Download Vaccine Card by verifying National Identity Card and Mobile Number from the “Vaccine Card Download” menu at

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How To Download Vaccine Card?

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter your National Identity Card number and date of birth (according to the National Identity Card)
Step-3 : Click on the “Verify” button.
Step-4 : An OTP code will be sent via SMS to the mobile number provided at the time of registration.
Step-5 : Then, you can download the Covid-19 Vaccine Card.

FAQs About Covid-19 Corona Vaccine

What to do if OTP is not received at the last step of the registration process?
You can resend OTP. If you unfortunately close the OTP providing screen, can re-register.

If I want to register for Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine, how do I register online?
You can register by logging on to web portal or by downloading the “Surokkha” app from Google Play Store. See “Manual” on the web portal for details.

I have registered for the vaccine online, what should I do next?
Download Vaccine Card from web portal. Later, the date and center of the vaccine will be informed via SMS on the mobile phone.

How to check the Registration status for Covid-19 vaccine online?
You can know the status of registration by verifying the national identity card and mobile number from the “Registration Status” menu on the web portal

How many doses of Covid-19 vaccine should be taken?
Two doses of Covid-19 vaccine should be taken.

How can I get a vaccine certificate after completion of Covid-19 vaccine?
After completion of two doses of Covid-19 vaccine, you can collect the vaccine certificate by verifying the national identity card and mobile number from the “Vaccine Certificate Download” menu at the web portal

Who can receive Covid-19 vaccine?
According to the National Covid-19 immunization and action plan, everyone will be vaccinated according to the priority list.

Someone asked, my grandfather is 70 years old but can’t get out of bed as paralyzed, how can my grandfather get vaccinated?
Covid-19 immunization activities are service based, so the intended person has to come to the immunization center and get vaccinated.

Who cannot be vaccinated in this campaign?
Covid vaccine cannot be given to any person other than the target population of the registered / included in the line listing. Pregnant mothers and lactating mothers, under 18 years of age, sick and hospitalized, need to request a vaccination from the designated immunization center as advised by the doctor. Vaccination cannot be done against the will of the person.

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