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Civil Aviation Authority : Issuance of Commercial Pilot License Israel

Name of the Organization : Civil Aviation Authority
Type of Facility : Issuance of Commercial Pilot License
Country : Israel

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Official Website :

Issuance of Commercial Pilot License :

Objective :
The objective of this task is to determine if the applicant meets the requirements for the issue, renewal or re-issue of a private pilot licence (PPL) or of an additional rating to the PPL under ANR.PEL. Successful completion of this task results in the issuance of a Private Pilot License (PPL), an additional rating, a Notice of Disapproval or a Letter of Discontinuance.

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General :
** Airworthiness Coordination. aircraft logbook, airworthiness certificate, and aircraft registration to determine if the aircraft is airworthy and suitable for the skill test. After review the documents need to be returned to the applicant.
** Medical certificates. The applicant must have at least a current second-class medical certificate to be eligible for original

Discrepancies or Ineligibility :
** To establish the eligibility the following should be checked :
** For the issue of a license : Age, Language, Criminal Record, Application form, Knowledge, Experience, Flight
** For the issue of an additional category rating : Valid
** License, Knowledge, Experience, Flight Instruction, Skill,
** Medical fitness, Fee Payment.
* *For the issue of an additional class or single-pilot type rating : Valid License, Experience, Flight Instruction, Skill,

Fee payment. :
** For the renewal of a license : Ratings valid
** For the renewal of a rating : Proficiency and/or Flight time/Route sectors
** For the re-issue of a license including ratings : Extra training, Skill, Medical fitness
** Theoretical knowledge. An applicant must pass all knowledge tests in order to meet the theoretical knowledge

Requirements for renewal :
** Instructor’s recommendation. An applicant must present the Instructor’s recommendation as evidence of meeting the
** Categories, types and classes
** Category ratings. A category rating must be placed on the private pilot license.
** Class ratings. The following class ratings are originally

issued or added to private pilot licenses :
** Single-engine land
** Single-engine sea
** Multi-engine land
** Multi-engine sea
** A class rating may be issued for those helicopters certificated for single-pilot operations and which have

Process :
** Before the Skill Test :
** Schedule Appointment. Advise the applicant to have the following for the appointment :
** A properly completed Application Form PELF
** A valid private pilot license (for an additional category or class rating or for a proficiency check);
** A valid class 2 medical certificate;
** Meet the required experience for the requested rate;
** Personal logbooks signed by the personal Instructor substantiating the flight experience or training shown on the Application Form;
** A valid Criminal Record;

Download Forms :

Flight Employees Registration Division :
The flight employees registration division is charged with responsibility for the system of personal licensing of flight employees and of the licensing of schools for them, supervision of them and the taking of enforcement action with respect to them.

The Main Issues In Management Of The Division :
** Management of the personal system of licensing of flight employees, including air-crew personnel, technicians for the inspection of aircraft, aviation movement inspectors, air operations officers, flight intelligence briefing officers and parachute packers.

** Keeping a database of know-how tests (theory) for obtaining a flight employee license or the classification thereof, and management of a system of know-how tests.

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