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Name of the Organization : Civil Aviation Authority
Type of Facility : Issuance of Licence for Criminal Records & Security
Country : Israel

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Issuance of Licence for Criminal Records & Security :

Definition of Personnel Licensing :
ICAO defines Personnel Licensing as follows : “A licnce is themean by which a State authorizes a licnce holder to performspecific activities which, unless performed properly, couldjeopardize the safety of aviation.

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The licnce provides theevidence that the issuing State is satisfied that the holder hasdemonstrated an internationally acceptable degree ofcompetency”

The examination tasks :
The examination tasks of a PEL office are the mostcomplex, as they require a high level of experience andexpertise in the various areas of licensing. Executing thetasks also requires the highest technical and ethical

The training tasks :
The training tasks of a PEL office covers the activitiesrelated to the certification and approval of training schooland training programs

The regulatory tasks :
The regulatory tasks cover the development andmaintenance of the regulatory support of Personnel

licensing and include :
** The drafting and amendment of rules and regulationsrelating to the training and licensing of aviation personnel;
** The enforcement of licensing laws and regulations; and
** The development of procedures.

Staffing and Qualifications of key Personnel :
The granting of licnce privileges to civil aviation personnelcannot be done satisfactorily if the qualifications of the personmaking the judgment are not equal to, or better than, the licnceapplicant. Israel may delegate some of the PEL activities todifferent approved personnel and/or organizations to seek theirassistance in certain specialties in order to fulfill thoserequirements that cannot be satisfactorily carried out by the PELoffice resources.
The key personnel in the PEL

Issuance of Licnces by Israel :
** These requirements generally cover a combination ofage, knowledge, experience, skill, training and medicalfitness. Annex 1 does not specify the way in which thedemonstration of compliance with the requirements should

Direct Issuance of Licnces :
When Israel establishes its own system of ensuringcompliance with each of the Personnel Licensingrequirements before issuing a licnce, the process isreferred to as a direct issuance of licnce, or in shortissuance of a licnce. The methods of ensuring

Responsibilities :
** Develop and maintain Standards, recommendedpractices and procedures relating to the licensing of flight
** Have promulgated in Civil Aviation Regulations, Civil
** Ensure that approved standards are being complied withand sound practices and procedures are being applied by
** Enforcement of Civil Aviation Regulations, Civil AviationOrders and Civil Airworthiness Requirements relating to thelicensing and maintenance of competency of flight crew,

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The Information and Research Department :
** Plays a leading role in professional research with the assistance of experts or research institutes in Israel and abroad.
** Collection and dissemination of information about trends and issues in global civil aviation.

** Management of the aviation information (obtained from the operators and manufacturers), including management of the technical library and of the CAA Internet Website.

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