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Name of the Organization : Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption
Type of Facility : Register to Immigrant Files On-Line
Country : Israel

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Official Website :

Register To Immigrant Files On-Line :

New service for public housing candidates!
Public housing candidates are now a mouse-click away from information pertaining to their position on the public housing waiting list, their application status and to committee resolutions relevant to their application.

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During the first phase, the service will be provided for the first 100 eligible immigrants on each waiting list only. The service will be extended in the beginning of April 2010 when it will be available to the general eligible immigrant population.

Notes :
** Local Ministry representatives will contact you and schedule a meeting for you according to your requirements. During this meeting, you will receive a personal password for your online file.
** We urge you not to arrive at the Ministry without prior arrangement.

Immigrant Files On-Line :
** The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption offers direct, individual services via the Internet, to both new immigrants and returning residents who are registered with the Ministry.
** The on-line service provides access to your individual immigrant file, allowing you to view the information contained within the Ministry’s computerized network.
** Personal information is displayed in Hebrew, however, a Help function is available in Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish, and French.
** In order to register for on-line service, bring your te’udat zehut to one of the offices of the Ministry, where you will receive a password for entering the network.
** The system is supported by Internet Explorer 8.0 to 9.0, FireFox 19 & Google Chrome 26.

We offer a variety of on-line services, including :
** Family information, immigration date relevant to list position, number of family members.
** Position in line per requested residence.
** Application information : status, date of committee, committee decision.

Personal Information :
** Demographic data
** Assistance provided to individuals and families
** Payments made to individuals and families
** A record of visits to Ministry offices-

Various Authorizations :
** Authorization of payments (details of payments to new immigrants)
** Authorization of visits to Ministry offices-

Updating Your Address :
** You can update your individual address on line. Your new address will be listed along with your family address.
** A variety of other services will be available on line in the near future.

Online Update :

About Us :
The Freedom of Information Law, which took effect in May 1999, mandates that every resident and citizen of Israel has the right to receive information from a public authority, in accordance with specifications of the law.

The law grants Israeli citizens the right to obtain information from the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption about its activities, statistical data, personal information, etc.

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