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Supplier Registration & Renewal : Dubai Health Authority

Name of the Organization : Dubai Health Authority
Type of Facility : Supplier Registration & Renewal
Location : Dubai
Country : United Arab Emirates

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Official Website :

Supplier Registration:

Following are general notes which you need to know and under stand before using the system

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1. In all forms * means mandatory field
2. While using the system and filling any application, detailed error messages (in red) will be shown if required explaining the error for you and the solution
3. Payment process is done through Dubai eGovernment ePay Gateway

Login Here :

Access Corporate Page:
If you have created your login credentials for DHA online services, you need to link the account to Corporate home page by clicking on the Corporate Home link:

This step is required to be carried out only for first time that on accessing the system.

Step1: Click on [Corporate Home] link
If you have not associated any corporate details with the account, error message will be returned

Step2: click [Manage Corporate] link to link your login account credentials with the Corporate account.

For using the Supplier Registration System, it is mandatory for creation of an Corporate Account.

Step3: Depending on your choice > Click on either [Register your Company in DHA] (for new registration) or [Link your account to existing company] (for linking any existing company account with your login credentials) to start using available services. (In this document we are selecting Register your company in DHA)

Step4: Fill in the [Corporate Name] & [Contact No], click [Save] to proceed or [Cancel] to return back to the previous screen.

Step5: Once the details are filled in, the account approval process will be completed by authorized DHA staff.

Access Corporate Page with previous login account:
If you have already registered previously and have a log in account (Username & Password) please follow these steps to login to the system

Step1: Log in with your username and password and > click [Login].

Check [Remember me next time] check box if you would like to save your log in details and the system will automatically login with your saved details for the next login attempt.

Forgot password:
In case you have lost your password, use this useful feature:
Step1: click [Forgot password].
Step2: Type in the [User Name], and click [Submit]

An email with the password will be sent to the email address submitted at the time of registration.

Supplier Renewal :

Step1: After login click [Corporate Home] link (as shown in Point 3 – Step 1), & the complete list of available online services offered will appear as shown below:

Step2: Click [Supplier Registration Service (Purchasing & Contract)] link
By clicking on the [Supplier Registration Service (Purchasing & Contract)] link, you will now be accessing the main dashboard of this system.

Initial Approval:
Once the home screen for System is seen, you need to officially initiate the first step for registration.
Step1: Click [Supplier Registration] link under Supplier Management tab.

Step2: The Application form will open up wherein, you will fill the required details in [Supplier Registration – Application Form]

Step3: Note the Reference number (or later tracking if required) & click [Close]

This reference number is to track your request later on.
Email notification (as below) will also be sent to the registered email address.
Supplier Registration System New Registration Process

Step1: After initial approval process is completed by the DHA authorized staff, you will receive an email confirmation

Step2: Login to the system once again (as advised in Step# 4.1)
You will now notice a New Pending Tasks text in Orange Color, which needs your action.

Step2: Click on [You have Pending Tasks] link:
Another window [Corporate User Inbox]with the list of Pending actions will open up:

Step3: Click on [Open] link against the task (which needs to be completed) for viewing & proceeding to Payment process. Kindly note that the Payment process is done through Dubai eGovernment ePay Gateway.
The Supplier Registration Fees (First time registration) is AED.1000/- only.

Step4: Click on [Pay] for completing the Payment Process.
On successful completion of the Payment Process, a Payment receipt will be generated for your records.

Step4: Click on [Print Receipt] for printing the receipt.

Step5: After payment process completion, you will also receive an email confirmation (as shown below)
On completion of the Payment Process, the next process [i.e. Final Review] will be completed by the authorized DHA staff.

Supplier Registration Card:
Step1: Once [Final Review] process is completed by the DHA staff, the applicant can now collect the Supplier Registration Card from DHA.

Collection of Supplier Registration Card will be notified by the authorized DHA staff to the applicant, who in turn will need to collect it physically form the DHA – Supplier & Registration office (Purchasing & Contract Department).

The Expiry Date is automatically calculated for 1 year period.
An email confirmation will also be sent (as shown below).
The New Supplier Registration account is now been issued to the Applicant.

View Facility License Details:
Once the Registration account has been generated, an applicant can view its details.
Step1: The applicant logs in the system (as advised in Step# 4.1).
Step2: Click [Supplier Details].
Supplier Details screen will open
Step3: Applicant can now view the various details by clicking on each of the tabs like: [Registration Details], [License Details], [Grade Information].

Registration Details – This will display all details like Name, Oracle Number, File Number, etc.
License Details – This will display Issue & Expiry Date of the License.
Grade Information – This will display Grade details filled in by the authorized DHA Staff.

Modify Contact Details:
Contact Details can be modified at any time by the applicant.

Step1: The applicant logs in the system (as advised in Step# 4.1).

Step2: Click [Modify Contact Details].
Modify Contact Details screen will open

Step2: Make the required changed & Click [Finish], or [Cancel] to close the Screen.

This will update the required changes made on the Supplier Details database.

Application Enquiry:
Applicant can check the Application status using “Application Enquiry”. (This is a real time feature)
Step1: The applicant logs in the system (as advised in Step# 4.1).

Step2: Click [Application Enquiry].
Application Enquiry Form screen will open

Step2: Type the application reference received while making the application and click [Verify Information]. Related information (only if active or in process) will appear.

The completed application information will not be available under the above feature. Only pending applications can be enquired.

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