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SLTF Students Trust Fund : Loan Repayment Ghana

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Name of the Organization : Students Loan Trust Fund
Type of Facility : Loan Repayment
Country : Ghana

Official Website :

SLTF Loan Repayment

Interest Rate :
In other to maintain the value of the money and preserve the Fund for posterity, interest is charged on the loan at a highly subsided rate. Inflation is an important factor in determining the interest rate.

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The following schedule of interest rate shall be charged on the loan :

Moratorium Repayment Period
Study Period National Service Period 1- Year Grace Period Repayment Period
*GOG182 dayT-bill rate *GOG182 dayT-bill rate *GOG182 day T-bill rate *GOG182 dayT-bill rate + 2%


Where :
* GOG – Government of Ghana.
# Maximum rate applied will be 12% until reviewed. In effect where the T-bill rate goes beyond 12% the SLTF shall fix the rate at 12%.

Loan Repayment Period

*Number of Loans taken National Service Period (Yrs) Grace Period (Yrs) Repayment Period (Yrs)
1 1 2 2
2 1 1 4
3 1 1 6
4 1 1 8
5 1 1 10
6 1 N/A 10
7 1 N/A 10

Where :
* The total loan received in an academic year is considered as one loan taken

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It is in the interest of applicants to pay off their loan sooner than the repayment period given, in order to reduce the interest charges.

Students loan repayment made easy. Please contact our partner banks with your Social Security number to make payments :
A. Ghana Commercial Bank : Smart Pay
B. National Investment Bank : Special Sltf Pay In Slip
C. Ecobank Ghana : Bank – Collect

Borrowers can also walk in to the head office of the SLTF to make payment at no. 47, 3rd Crescent Avenue Asylum Down, near Highgate Hotel.

The point above should also be placed on the home page conspicuously for visitors to easily see.

Mode of Repayment

The modes of repayment of loans are as follows :
1. Periodic deductions from beneficiary’s salary by his or her employer.
2. Direct periodic payments to the SLTF by beneficiaries who are not employees of any organization (i.e. sole proprietorship, self employed etc)
3. Outright payment of total loan amount plus interest due.


FAQs :
What is the SLPS?
The SLPS is the Students Loan Protection Scheme and it is an initiative of the SLTF has instituted to absorb the financial burden on guarantors and families that will result from default in loan repayments caused by death or permanent disability of borrowers.

How much do I pay for protection?
You will be required to contribute 0.5% of your loan to the Students Loan Protection Scheme. This contribution would be in the form of a deduction at source during per each disbursement.

Why do I pay for protection?
This will absorb your guarantor from any liable in case of death or permanent incapacitation. Download SLPS Claim Form | Download Guidelines for Writing Permanent Incapacitation Report

Contact Us

Students Loan Trust Fund
Hse # 47,3rd Crescent
Asylum Down – Accra

Phone : +233(0)302231886
Fax : +233(0)302231873
Email : info [AT]
Whatsapp : +233(0)504021579

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  1. Amoah Kwakye Akyea

    I want to know my outstanding balance.

  2. You are deducting me from CAG. I want to make a top up to finish this early. Can I do that? Where can I make the payment?

    1. For any queries you can contact :
      Students Loan Trust Fund
      Phone : +233(0)302231886
      Email : info[AT]
      Whatsapp : +233(0)504021579

  3. I want to check my student loans received for the past three years.


  5. I would like to know my outstanding balance.

  6. Nkum Gabriel, Snit Id BO47503060038

    I started my repayment 2013/2014 and on June 2016. My outstanding balance was supposed to be Ghana 1155.87 but It has been reserved to Ghana 2,380.00.

  7. I want to know the amount I have paid so far.

  8. Am a beneficiary of the student loan, l want to know my payable balance and when will l finish payment (date and year)and since i started payment do the scheme still calculate interest on the principle money or not

  9. D116501100018
    I want to know my outstanding balance of the loan repayment.

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